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A1. CORP. INDEX. An-Az's subsections
An Ex Analytical Services Ltd. C2
An Hui Jiaoyang Soft Door./P C2
AN2 Therapeutics Inc. C2
Anabasis SRL./P
AnaBios Corp./P C2
AnaBonix Inc./P
Anachem Ltd. C2
Anacomp Inc./P C2
Anaconda BioMed SL./P C2
Anaconda Pharma./P
Anacor Compliance Services Inc. C2
Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc/P
Anadarko Petroleum/P C2
Anaderm Research Corp./P
Anadigics Inc./P C2
Anadis/P C2
Anadys Pharmaceuticals/P
Anaergia Inc./P C2
AnaeroPharma Science Inc./P C2
AnaGenesis Biotechnologies. C2
Anagnostics BioAnalysis GmbH./P C2
Anagog Ltd./P C2
Anaheim Clinical Trials. C2
Analab SARL./P C2
Analgesic Associates/P
Analgesic Solutions./P C2
Analiza Inc/P C2
Analog Bits Inc./P C2
Analog Devices Inc./P C2
Analog Digital Technology LLC C2
Analog MicroElectronics GmbH C2
Analog MicroElectronics Inc/P
Analogic Corp./P C2
Analogix Inc./P C2
Analogix Semiconductor Inc./P C2
Analysco Ltd. C2
Analyse IT Software Ltd. C2
Analysis First LLC./P C2
Analytic Vision Inc. C2
Analytica Intl. C2
Analytica Ltd. (AU)./P C2
Analytica Ltd. (BG) C2
Analytica Ltd. (RU) C2
Analytica of Branford Inc./P
Analytical Bio Chemistry Labs./P C2
Analytical Biological./P C2
Analytical Control Systems Inc/P
Analytical Design Service Corp/P C2
Analytical Development/P
Analytical Engineering Inc./P C2
Analytical Graphics Inc./P C2
Analytical Instrument Systems/P C2
Analytical Maintenance Services. C2
Analytical Methods Inc. C2
Analytical Pixels. C2
Analytical Products Inc./P
Analytical Research Systems Inc/P
Analytical Services & Material/P C2
Analytical Services Inc C2
Analytical Spectral Devices/P
Analytical Technology Inc./P C2
AnalytiCon AG Biotechnologie/P
AnalytiCon Biotechnologies AG/P C2
AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH/P C2
Analytics For Life Inc./P C2
Analytics Intelligence Ltd./P C2
Analytik Jena AG./P C2
Analytik Ltd. C2
Analyze Inc/P
Analyze Re. C2
Analyze Software Inc./P C2
AnalyzeDirect Inc. C2
Anam Group. C2
AnaMar AB./P C2
AnaMetrix Inc. C2
Anan Kasei Co Ltd/P
Ananda Scientific Inc. C2
Anandia Laboratories Inc./P C2
Ananey Communications Ltd. C2
AnaPhore Inc./P
AnaPlan Inc./P C2
Anaptys Biosciences./P
AnaptysBio Inc./P C2
Anaqua Inc./P C2
Anarco Inc./P
Anark Corp./P C2
Anasazi Instruments C2
AnaSoft./P C2
AnaSpec Inc./P C2
Anasys Instruments./P
Anatara Life Sciences Ltd. C2
Anatole SA. C2
Anatomage Inc./P C2
Anatomical Concepts Inc./P C2
Anatomical Concepts UK Ltd. C2
Anaveon. C2
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. C2
Anavo Therapeutics. C2
Anawrahta Biotech Co. Ltd./P
Anaxomics Biotech SL./P C2
Anaxsys Technology Ltd./P C2
AnazaoHealth Corp./P C2
Anbar Products BV/P
Ancera Inc./P C2
Anchen Pharmaceuticals/P C2
Anchor Advanced Products Inc./P
Anchor Bay Packaging Corp./P C2
Anchor Bay Technologies Inc./P
Anchor Continental Inc/P
Anchor Hocking Corp./P C2
Anchor Industries Inc./P C2
Anchor Orthopedics./P C2
Anchor Products Co./P C2
Anchor Semiconductor Inc/P C2
Anchor Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Anchor Yeast Pty Ltd C2
Anchorage Capital Partners. C2
AnchorDx Inc. C2
Ancile Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Ancillare LP. C2
Ancor Capital Partners. C2
Ancora Heart Inc./P C2
Ancora Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Ancora Software Inc./P C2
Anda Biologicals/P
Anda Networks Inc./P
ANDalyze Inc. C2
Andante Medical Devices Ltd./P C2
Andarix Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Andartis AG C2
Andco Actuator Products/P
Andcor Companies Inc C2
Ande Corp./P C2
AndeanGold Ltd. C2
Andera Partners. * C2.
Andergauge Ltd./P
Anderol Inc./P C2
Andersen Consulting LLP./P
Andersen Corp./P C2
Andersen Products Inc./P C2
Anderson Bio-Bed Inc/P
Anderson Development Co./P C2
Anderson Group Ltd./P C2
Anderson Industrial Corp./P C2
Anderson Kill & Olick P.C. C2
Anderson Physics Laboratories/P
Anderson Power Products/P C2
Andes Technology Corp./P C2
Andi Ventis Ltd./P C2
AnDiaTec GmbH C2
Ando Media LLC./P C2
Andonian Family Nominee Trust/P C2
Andor Technology PLC./P C2
Andora Inc./P
Andover Coated Products Inc/P
Andover Controls/P
Andover Healthcare Inc./P
Andover Medical Inc/P
Andreae Filters Inc/P C2
Andreae Noris Zahn AG./P C2
Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG./P C2
Andreessen Horowitz. C2
Andreson Power Products./P
Andrew Alliance SA./P C2
Andrew Corp./P C2
Andrew Jergens Co./P
Andrew Kalotay Associates Inc./P C2
Andrew Technologies LLC./P
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation C2
Andrew Wireless Systems GmbH/P
Andrews Intl. C2
Andrews Intl. Management Services/P
Andrews Paper & Chemical Co Inc/P
Andritz /P C2
AndroBioSys Inc. C2
AndroGenix Ltd./P C2
Android Industries LLC./P C2
Androme NV. C2
Andromeda Biotech Ltd./P C2
Andromeda Capital. C2
Andromeda Medizinische/P C2
Andromeda Research Inc./P
Andromeda Technology Inc./P
Androphin Medical Ltd./P
AndroScience Corp./P C2
Androsolutions Inc/P
Androvia Life Sciences LLC./P C2
Andrulis Pharmaceuticals Corp/P
AndTek GmbH. C2
Andy McCoy Race Cars./P C2
Andy"s Seasoning Inc C2
Anecova SA./P C2
Aneeta Window Systems./P C2
Anelixis Therapeutics. C2
Anellotech Inc./P C2
Anelva Corp/P
Anergen Inc/P
Anergis SA./P C2
Anest Iwata Corp./P C2
Anesta Corp./P
Anesthesia Quality Institute. C2
Anesthesia Safety Products LLC./P
Anesthetic Gas Reclamation LLC/P C2
Anestic ApS/P C2
AneuClose LLC./P C2
Anevia SA./P C2
Anfield Nickel Corp. C2
Angang Steel Co. Ltd./P C2
Angany Genetics./P C2
Angaris GmbH/P C2
Angeion Corp./P
Angel Biotechnology Holdings PLC C2
Angel Medical./P C2
Angel Playing Cards Co. Ltd./P C2
Angel Resource Institute. C2
Angel Secure Networks Inc./P C2
Angelantoni Industrie./P C2
Angeleno Group LLC. C2
Angeletti SPA/P
Angelica Corp/P C2
Angelica Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Angelini Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Angell Mfg. Co.
Angelman Syndrome Foundation. C2
angelMD. C2
Angelus Corp./P C2
Anges MG Inc./P C2
Angewandter Informatik e.V./P C2
Angiex Inc. C2
AngioBlast Systems Inc./P
AngioChem Inc./P C2
AngioCrine Bioscience Inc./P C2
AngioDynamics./P C2
AngioGene Pharmaceuticals Ltd/P
AngioGenesis Foundation. C2
AngioGenesis Technologies Inc./P
AngioGenetics/P C2
AngioGenex Inc./P C2
AngioLight Inc./P
AngioLogix Inc./P
AngioMed GmbH & Co. Etc./P
AngioMetrx Inc./P
AngioN Biomedica Corp./P C2
Angionetics Inc. C2
AngioProgen SRL/P
AngioScore Inc./P
AngioSlide Ltd./P C2
AngioSoma Inc. C2
AngioSonics Inc./P
AngioTensin Therapeutics Inc. C2
Angiotrax, Inc/P
Angkor Technology/P
Angle Pattern & Mold Corp./P
Angle PLC. C2
Angle Tool Works Inc. C2
Angle Wind AS./P C2
AngleFix Tech LLC./P
Anglia Capital Group. C2
Anglo American Platinum./P C2
Anglo American PLC./P C2
Anglo Canadian Oil Corp. C2
Anglo Platinum Ltd./P
Anglo Swiss Resources Inc. C2
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. C2
Angoss Software Corp./P C2
Angsana Molecular & Diagnostics. C2
Angstrom Medica/P
Angstrom Partners
Angstrom Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Angstrom Power Inc./P
Angstrom Sciences Inc./P C2
Angstrom Technologies./P C2
Angstron Materials./P
Anguil Environmental Systems/P C2
Angular Ventures. C2
Angus Chemical Co./P C2
Angus Energy LLP. C2
Angus Fire./P C2
ANH Refractories Co. C2
AnHeart Therapeutics Co. Ltd. C2
Anheuser Busch/P C2
Anhui Jee Automation Equipment/P
Anhydro Ltd./P
Anhydrous Engineering
Ani Labsystems Ltd. OY. C2
Ani Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
AniCell BioTech LLC./P C2
AniChem Co. Ltd./P
AniChem LLC C2
Anigen Co. Ltd./P
Anika Therapeutics/P C2
Anima Biotech Inc./P C2
Anima Cell Metrology Inc./P C2
Animal Allergy Clinical./P C2
Animal Capture Equipment Inc/P C2
Animal Care Systems Inc./P C2
Animal Cell Therapies Inc. C2
Animal Health Institute
Animal Health Intl. Inc./P C2
Animal Health Trust/P
Animal Sciences Group Wageningen C2
Animal Technology Institute/P C2
Animas Corp./P
Animated Software Co. C2
Animation Lab Ltd./P C2
AniMedica GmbH
AniMetrics Inc./P C2
AniMoto LLC./P C2
Anios Laboratories.
Anisa Intl. Inc./P C2
Anite Finland OY./P C2
Anitoa Systems LLC./P C2
Anitox Corp/P
Anixa Biosciences Inc. C2
Anixter Inc./P C2
Anjarium Biosciences AG./P C2
Anji MicroElectronics Co. Ltd./P C2
Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co/P C2
Anji Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Anju Software. C2
Ankasa Regenerative Therapeutics C2
Ankel Inc/P
Anker Andersen AS./P C2
Ankhor Intelligence GmbH. C2
Ankon Technologies Co. Ltd./P C2
ANL Consultants LLC C2
Ann Adcock Corp./P
Ann Arbor Digital Devices Inc./P C2
Ann Arbor Spark. C2
Ann Summers C2
Anna Lotan Ltd./P C2
Annapolis Micro Systems Inc./P C2
Annapurna Labs Ltd./P C2
Annexon Inc./P C2
Annias Immunotherapeutics. C2
Annidis Health Systems Corp./P C2
Annik Technology Services. C2
Annikki GmbH./P C2
Annovis Inc./P C2
Anobit Technologies Ltd./P
Anodica Trevigiana SPA./P C2
Anokion./P C2
Anomali Inc./P C2
Anomera Inc./P C2
Anomeri Inc/P
Anomet Products. C2
Anonima Medicinali Sintetici &
Anonos Inc./P C2
Anooraq Resources Corp. C2
Anopol Ltd./P C2
Anormed Inc/P
Anoto AB/P C2
Anow Microfiltration Co. Ltd./P C2
ANP Technologies Inc./P C2
Anpac Bio Medical Science./P C2
Anpac Semiconductor Ltd./P C2
Anpath Group Inc. C2
ANPR Intl. Ltd./P C2
Anrei Medical (HZ) Co. Ltd./P C2
Anritsu Corp./P C2
Ansa Biotechnologies Inc. C2
Ansa McAL Ltd. C2
Ansaldo Energia SPA./P C2
Ansaldo STS/P C2
Ansaris Inc. C2
Ansata Therapeutics Inc./P
Ansell Ltd./P C2
Ansh Labs LLC./P C2
Anshan Iron & Steel Group Co./P C2
Anspach Effort Inc/P C2
Ansul Canada Ltd/P
Ansul Inc./P
Ansun Biopharma Inc./P C2
Answer Products Inc./P C2
AnswerSoft Inc./P
Ansys Diagnostics./P
Ansys Inc. (USA>CA)./P
Ansys Inc. (USA>PA)./P C2
Ansys Technologies Inc./P
AntaBio. C2
Antalis Ltd. C2
Antalis Pharmaceutical/P
Antarctic Heritage Trust
Antarctica Systems Inc./P C2
Antares Capital. C2
Antares Pharma/P C2
Antaria Ltd. C2
Antaros Medical. C2
Antec Angewandte Neue./P
Antec Corp./P C2
Antec Inc./P C2
Antec International/P
Antec Solar GmbH/P C2
Anteco Pharma. C2
Antecy BV./P C2
Anteis SA./P C2
Antelope Electric Bicycle./P C2
Antengene Corp. C2
Antenna Dexterra Inc./P
Antenna SoftWare Inc./P
Antenna Vaultus Inc./P
Antennas Direct Inc./P C2
AnteNova Ltd./P C2
Anteo Diagnostics Ltd./P C2
Anteon Corp./P
Anter Corp/P
Anterios Inc./P C2
Anteris Bio. C2
Anteris Tech Corp./P C2
Anterra Capital. C2
Anterra Group Inc./P C2
AnterYon BV./P C2
Antev Ltd./P C2
Antex Biologics Inc/P
AntexBiologics Inc/P
Antheia Inc./P C2
Anthem Biosciences C2
Anthem Healthcare Solutions/P
Anthem Inc./P C2
Anthem Sentech/P
Anthera Pharmaceuticals/P C2
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Inc./P C2
Anthony Innovations Pty Ltd./P C2
Anthony International C2
Anthos Therapeutics. C2
Anthrogenesis Corp./P
Anthropedia Foundation. C2
AnthroTronix Inc./P C2
Anti Defamation League. C2
Anti Infectives Consulting C2
Antianthra APS/P
Antibe Therapeutics Inc./P C2
AntiBioticos SA./P C2
AntiBioticos SPA./P C2
AntiBioTx AS./P
AntiCancer Bioscience. C2
AntiCancer Inc/P C2
AntiCancer PDOX. C2
AntiCoagulation Europe. C2
AntiDote Technologies Inc. C2
AntiDote Therapeutics Inc./P C2
AntiFerence Ltd./P C2
Antig Technology Corp./P C2
Antigen Discovery Inc. C2
Antigen Express Inc./P
Antigen Laboratories Inc./P C2
Antikor Biopharma Ltd./P C2
Antimicrobial Test Laboratories./P
AntiOp Inc. C2
Antioquia Gold Inc. C2
Antios Therapeutics Inc. C2
Antioxidant Pharmaceuticals Corp/P
Antioxidant Superfoods Inc./P C2
Antipodean Pharmaceuticals Inc/P C2
AntiSense Pharma GmbH./P
AntiSense Therapeutics/P C2
Antiseptica Chem. Pharm. Produkte/P
Antisoma PLC./P
AntiSpamEurope. C2
AntiTope Ltd./P
Antiva Biosciences Inc. C2
Antiverse. C2
Antivia Group Ltd./P C2
AntiVirals Inc./P
Antlia SA./P C2
AnTolRx Inc. C2
Anton Paar GmbH/P C2
Antonio Zamperla SPA./P C2
AntriaBio Inc./P
Antyra Inc./P C2
Anue Systems Inc./P
Anulex Technologies Inc./P
Anuncia Inc./P C2
Anunta Technology Management./P C2
Anutra Medical Inc./P C2
Anuva Automation Inc./P C2
Anuvia Plant Nutrients Corp./P C2
Anvil Attachments./P C2
Anvis Deutschland GmbH./P
Anvis SD France SAS./P
Anvyl LLC./P C2
Anwell Semiconductor Corp./P C2
AnyData Net Inc./P C2
AnyFi Networks AB./P C2
AnyGlove LLC. C2
AnyMedi Inc./P C2
AnyPerk Inc. C2
AnyPlex. C2
AnyPresence Inc./P C2
AnyStream Inc./P
AnyTime Pte. Ltd./P C2
AnyWay Solid Enviromental./P C2
AnyWhere MD Inc. C2
Anza AB/P C2
Anza Corp./P
Anza Sport Group Inc/P
Anza Therapeutics Inc/P
Anzac Research Institute
Anzai Medical Co Ltd. C2
AnzenBio Inc. C2
AO Foundation C2
AO Research Institute/P
AO Technologies LLC C2
AOBiome LLC./P C2
AOI Medical Inc./P
Aokin AG./P C2
AOL Inc./P C2
AON Intl./P
AON Products Inc./P
Aonex Technologies/P
Aono Pile/P C2
AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals./P C2
AOpen Inc./P C2
AOptix Technologies/P C2
AorTech Biomaterials Pty Ltd./P
AorTech Intl. PLC./P C2
Aortica Corp./P C2
AorTx Inc./P
AOS Holding Co./P
Aotec Inc./P
AOTI Inc./P C2
AOV OrthoMoleculaire. C2
Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. C2
Aoyama Gakuin University C2
Aoyama Seisakusho Co. Ltd./P C2
AP Biosciences Inc./P C2
AP Pharma/P
AP Sensing GmbH./P C2
AP&G Co. Inc./P C2
Apac Biotech. C2
Apac Customer Services Inc./P
Apac Inc. (USA>CA)/P
Apac Inc. (USA>GA)/P
Apac Opto Electronics Inc./P C2
Apac Pharmaceutical LLC C2
Apac Tool Inc./P C2
Apacer Technology Inc./P C2
ApaceWave Technologies Corp./P C2
Apache Building Products/P
Apache Corp./P C2
Apache Products/P
Apache Software Foundation C2
Apacheta Corp./P C2
Apama (UK) Ltd./P
Apama Medical Inc./P
Apar Industries Ltd. C2
Apara Bioscience GmbH C2
Apasara Medical Corp./P
ApaTech Ltd./P
Apath LLC./P C2
Apax Partners LP C2
APC Aerospecialty Inc./P C2
APC Group Inc. C2
APC Inc./P C2
APC Ltd./P C2
Apcer Pharma. C2
Apcera Inc./P C2
Apceth GmbH./P C2
Apco Oil & Gas Intl. Inc. C2
ApconiX. C2
APD Cryogenics/P
APD Semiconductor/P
APDN (B.V.I.) Inc./P
Ape Angewandte Physik &./P C2
Ape Research Council C2
Apeel Sciences Inc. C2
Apeiron Biologics AG./P C2
Apeiron Inc./P
Apeks LLC./P C2
Apella Resources Inc. C2
Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Apeloa Kangyu Pharma. Co. Ltd./P C2
Apeptico Forschung &./P C2
Apergy./P C2
Aperiam Medical Inc./P C2
Aperio Technologies Inc./P C2
Aperiomics Inc. C2
Aperion Audio/P C2
Aperion Biologics Inc./P C2
Aperion Information Technologies C2
Aperon Biosystems Corp./P
Aperto Networks Inc./P
Aperture Diagnostics Ltd./P
Aperture Health Inc. C2
Aperture Venture Partners LLC. C2
Apester Ltd./P C2
Apex Advanced Technologies/P C2
Apex Analytix Inc./P C2
Apex Bioscience Inc/P
Apex Eclipse Systems Inc./P C2
Apex Healthcare Products C2
Apex Learning Inc./P C2
Apex Material Technology Corp/P C2
Apex Medical Corp./P C2
Apex Medical Technologies Inc/P C2
Apex Microelectronics Co. Ltd./P C2
Apex NanoTek Corp./P C2
Apex Networks Inc./P
Apex Surgical LLC/P
Apex Tool & Cutter Co./P C2
Apex Tool & Mfg. Inc./P C2
Apex Tool Group LLC. C2
Apex Tools & Orthopedics Co./P C2
Apexian Pharmaceuticals. C2
Apexigen Inc./P C2
Apexk Inc./P C2
Apfel Enterprises Inc./P
APGreen De Mexico SA De CV. C2
Apharm SRL./P C2
Aphea.Bio. C2
Aphel Ltd./P
Aphelion Capital LLC. C2
Aphena Pharma Solutions. C2
Aphex BioCleanse Systems Inc.P C2
Aphios Corp./P C2
Aphoenix Inc/P C2
Aphton Corp./P
API Consumer Brands C2
API Corp./P C2
API Genesis LLC./P
API Group Inc. C2
API Group PLC./P C2
API Healthcare Corp./P
API Heat Transfer Inc./P C2
API Industries Inc./P C2
API Nanofabrication & Research/P
API Technologies Corp./P C2
API Tenza/P
Apia XXI SA./P C2
Apic Bio Inc. C2
Apic Yamada Corp./P C2
Apica Cardiovascular Ltd./P C2
Apical Ltd./P C2
Apicomplexan Therapeutics LLC/P
ApiCore LLC/P C2
Apie Therapeutics. C2
ApiFix Ltd./P C2
ApiGee Corp./P C2
ApiJect Ltd./P C2
Apim Therapeutics AS./P C2
Apimed Medical Honey Ltd./P
APImetrics. C2
Apio Inc./P C2
Apira Science Inc./P C2
ApiSphere Inc./P C2
Apitope Technology/P C2
Apivio Systems Inc. C2
Apixio Inc./P C2
APJeT Inc./P C2
Apjohn Group LLC. C2
APK Identification./P C2
Apkudo LLC./P C2
APL American Pharmed Labs Inc/P
APL Anderson Inc./P
APL Co. Ltd./P
APL Corp./P C2
APL Group International LLC/P C2
APL Inc. C2
Aplagon OY./P C2
Aplex Inc/P
Aplicaciones De Energías. C2
Aplicaciones Farmaceuticas/P
ApliCor Inc. C2
Aplix Corp./P
Aplix SA./P C2
ApNano Materials Inc. C2
Apnea Sciences. C2
Apneon Inc./P C2
Apnex Medical Inc./P
ApniCure Inc./P
ApniMed Inc./P C2
Apo T BV. C2
ApoCell Inc./P C2
ApoFore Corp. C2
Apogee Acoustics Inc./P C2
Apogee Biotechnology Corp./P C2
Apogee Designs Ltd./P C2
Apogee Electronics Corp./P C2
Apogee Enterprises Inc./P C2
Apogee Informatics Corp./P C2
Apogee Instruments Inc./P C2
Apogee Interactive Inc. C2
Apogee Lighting./P C2
Apogee Power./P C2
Apogee Scientific Inc./P C2
Apogee Semiconductor./P C2
Apogee Surgical Instruments./P C2
Apogee Technology Inc./P C2
Apogee Translite Inc./P
Apogee Wausau Group Inc./P C2
ApoGen Biotechnologies Inc./P C2
Apogenix./P C2
Apogent Robotics./P
Apoio Informatica
ApoLife Inc./P
Apollo BioPharmaceuticals/P
Apollo BioPharmaceutics/P
Apollo Camera LLC./P
Apollo Computer/P
Apollo Cytokine Research Pty Ltd C2
Apollo Diamond Inc/P
Apollo Education Group Inc./P C2
Apollo EndoSurgery Inc./P C2
Apollo Energy Systems Inc./P C2
Apollo Enterprise Solutions./P C2
Apollo Environmental Systems Corp/P
Apollo Group Inc
Apollo Healthcare LLC./P C2
Apollo Investment Corp. C2
Apollo Medical Holdings Inc. C2
Apollo Medical Imaging./P C2
Apollo Solar Energy Co. Ltd./P C2
Apollo Solar Energy Technology. C2
Apollo Solar Inc./P C2
Apollo Therapeutics. C2
Apollo Ventures. C2
Apollo Vredestein BV./P C2
Apollomax LLC. C2
Apollomics Inc./P C2
Apollon Inc/P
Apoptogen Inc/P
Apos Systems Inc. C2
Aposense Ltd./P C2
AposTherapy. C2
Apostle Inc. C2
Apotex Inc/P C2
Apothecary Products LLC./P C2
Apotheka Systems Inc./P C2
Apotheus Laboratories/P
Apoxis SA./P
APP Biomaterials./P
APP Pharmaceuticals/P
Appalachian Cast Products Inc./P C2
Appalachian State University/P C2
Apparate & MaschinenBau GmbH./P C2
Apparel Group
AppAssure Software Inc./P
AppBoy Inc./P
AppBus Inc./P C2
AppCelerator Inc./P C2
AppConomy. C2
AppDirect Inc./P C2
AppDome Ltd./P C2
AppDynamics Inc. C2
Appear TV AS. C2
Appello Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Append Medical Ltd./P C2
Apperian Inc./P
Apperson Print Resources. C2
Appfluent Technology Inc./P C2
AppFormix Inc. C2
Appia Communications Inc./P
Appian Labs LLC./P C2
Appian SoftWare. C2
Appili Therapeutics Inc. C2
Appirio. C2
Appistry Inc./P C2
AppLango. C2
Applause App Quality Inc./P C2
Apple Corps Ltd. C2
Apple Inc/P C2
Apple Medical Corp./P C2
Apple Rock. C2
Apple Tree Partners C2
Applechem Laboratories C2
Appleton Electric Co./P C2
Appleton Papers Inc./P
Appliance Recycling Centers of./P
Appliances Components Companie/P C2
Applica Consumer Products Inc./P C2
AppliCaster. C2
AppliChem GmbH C2
AppliCure Technologies Ltd./P C2
Applied American Technologies C2
Applied Analytical Industries Inc/P
Applied Analytics Inc. C2
Applied Bio Research Inc./P C2
Applied BioCode Inc./P C2
Applied Biological Concepts Inc./P
Applied Biological Materials Inc C2
Applied Biology Inc./P C2
Applied BioMath. C2
Applied Biometrics GmbH C2
Applied Biometrics Inc/P
Applied Biomics Inc. C2
Applied Biomimetic AS./P C2
Applied Biosystems/P
Applied Biotech Inc./P
Applied Biotech Industries Inc. C2
Applied Biotechnology Inc/P
Applied Biotechnology Institut/P C2
Applied Broadband Inc. C2
Applied CarboChemicals Inc./P
Applied Cardiac Systems/P C2
Applied Catheter Technologies. C2
Applied Cells Inc. C2
Applied Ceramics Inc/P
Applied Chemical Technologies/P
Applied Chemical Technology Inc C2
Applied Chemicals./P C2
Applied CleanTech Inc./P C2
Applied Cognitive Engg. Ltd./P C2
Applied Computational./P C2
Applied Cooling Technology Ltd./P
Applied Corrosion Monitoring Ltd./P
Applied Design & Engg. Ltd./P C2
Applied Diabetes Research/P C2
Applied Digital Solutions
Applied Discovery Inc./P C2
Applied DNA Sciences Inc./P C2
Applied Elastomerics Inc./P
Applied Energetics Inc./P C2
Applied Engineering Solutions./P
Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd C2
Applied Extrusion Technologies/P C2
Applied Gene Technologies Inc/P.
Applied Genetic Technologies./P C2
Applied Genetics Inc./P
Applied Genetics Labs. Inc. C2
Applied Genomics Inc./P
Applied Global Technologies./P C2
Applied Graphene Materials./P C2
Applied Green Light Inc./P C2
Applied Identity Inc./P
Applied Imaging Corp./P
Applied Immune Sciences Inc./P
Applied Immune Technologies (IL) C2
Applied Immune Technologies (USA)/P
Applied ImmuneSciences Inc/P
Applied Instrument./P C2
Applied Intellectual Capital/P C2
Applied Intellectual Propertie/P C2
Applied Intelligence Solutions./P
Applied Intelligent Systems/P
Applied Komatsu Technology Inc/P
Applied LifeSciences & Systems. C2
Applied Magnetics Corp./P
Applied Marine Sciences Inc. C2
Applied Materials Inc./P C2
Applied Medical Research Inc/P
Applied Medical Resources Corp/P C2
Applied Medical Software Inc./P C2
Applied Medical Technologies Inc/P
Applied Medical Technology Inc/P C2
Applied Medical Technology Ltd C2
Applied Membrane Technology/P C2
Applied Mfg. Technologies C2
Applied Micro Circuits Corp./P
Applied MicroBiology Inc/P
Applied Minds Inc./P C2
Applied Minerals Inc./P C2
Applied Molecular Evolution/P C2
Applied Molecular Transport./P C2
Applied NanoFluorescence LLC C2
Applied NanoScience Inc./P C2
Applied NanoStructured./P C2
Applied NanoSystems BV./P
Applied NanoTech Holdings Inc/P
Applied NanoWorks Inc/P
Applied NeuroSolutions Inc./P
Applied Pharma Research SA./P C2
Applied Photonics Worldwide./P
Applied Photophysics Ltd./P C2
Applied Physical Sciences Corp/P C2
Applied Physiology & Medicine/P
Applied Physiology Pty Ltd/P C2
Applied Phytologics Inc/P
Applied Plastics Technology Inc C2
Applied Polymer Technology Inc./P
Applied Power Concepts Inc./P C2
Applied Precision Inc./P C2
Applied Predictive./P C2
Applied Process Inc./P C2
Applied Process Technology Inc/P
Applied Protein Sciences LLC/P
Applied Proteomics Inc./P C2
Applied Quantum Technologies./P C2
Applied Recognition Inc./P C2
Applied Research & Photonics Inc C2
Applied Research Associates/P C2
Applied Research Corp (USA>MD)/P
Applied Research Corp (USA>NJ) C2
Applied Research Systems Hold. NV/P
Applied Robotics Inc./P C2
Applied Science Labs. (MA)/P C2
Applied Science Labs. (PA)/P
Applied Science Products Inc. C2
Applied Sciences Inc./P C2
Applied Sciences Laboratory Inc C2
Applied Scientific Computing C2
Applied Scintillation./P
Applied Seals NA Inc. C2
Applied Semantics Inc./P
Applied Sensor Research &/P C2
Applied Silicone Corp./P C2
Applied Spectra Inc./P C2
Applied Spectral Imaging Ltd/P C2
Applied Spectrometry Associates C2
Applied Spine Technologies/P C2
Applied StemCell Inc./P C2
Applied Systems Inc./P C2
Applied Systems Intelligence/P
Applied Technical Systems Inc./P C2
Applied Telematics Inc./P
Applied Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Applied Thin Films Inc/P C2
Applied Tissue Technologies/P C2
Applied Utility Systems Inc./P C2
Applied UV Inc. C2
Applied Vision Corp./P C2
Applied Visual Sciences Inc./P C2
Applied Voice & Speech./P
Applied Weather Technology Inc. C2
AppliedEA Inc./P C2
AppliedSensor GmbH./P C2
AppliedVR Inc./P C2
Applies Materials Inc/P
Applikon Biotechnology BV. C2
Applikon BV./P
Applisonix Ltd./P C2
AppliTek NV./P C2
AppliTools Ltd./P C2
AppliVate LLC./P C2
Applus+ C2
Applus+Idiada C2
AppMobi. C2
AppNeta. C2
AppNexus Inc./P C2
Apposite Capital LLC. C2
Appotronics./P C2
Appraisal Fee Services Inc./P C2
Apprecie Ltd./P C2
Apprenda. C2
Apprente Inc./P
Apprise Communications. C2
Apprise Software Inc. C2
Appriss Inc./P C2
Appriva Medical Inc./P
Appro Healthcare Inc./P
Appro Intl. Inc./P C2
Appro Technology Inc./P C2
Appropriate Engineering & Mfg./P
Appropriate Innovative/P
AppSense Ltd./P C2
AppsFlyer Ltd./P C2
AppShare Ltd./P C2
AppSpace Inc. C2
AppTec Inc./P C2
AppTech Corp. C2
AppTek Inc./P C2
AppThority Inc./P C2
AppTimize Inc./P C2
AppTio Inc./P C2
AppTomics LLC./P C2
AppToza Inc. C2
AppTus Technologies AB./P C2
AppUrify Inc./P
AppVance Inc. C2
AppVion Inc./P C2
APR Nanotechnologies SA./P
Aprea AB./P C2
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals./P C2
Apredica LLC. C2
Apria Healthcare Inc./P C2
Aprica Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. C2
Apricity Health LLC./P C2
Apricorn./P C2
Apricus Biosciences Inc./P
Apricus Solar Co. Ltd./P C2
Aprilaire C2
Aprilis Inc./P
Aprima Medical Software Inc. C2
Aprimo Inc./P C2
ApriNoia Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Aprion Digital
Apriori Network Systems LLC./P C2
aPriori Technologies Inc./P C2
Aprisa Inc./P
Apriso Corp. C2
Apriva LLC./P C2
Apronex SRO./P C2
Apropos Technology./P
Apros Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Aprovia C2
APS Biogroup. C2
APS Dynamics Inc. C2
APS Glass & Bar Supply GmbH./P C2
APS Technology Group Inc./P C2
APS Technology Inc./P C2
Apsalar Inc. C2
Apsara Medical/P
Apse LLC./P
Apsect Software Inc./P
Apsen Farmaceutica SA./P C2
Apstec Systems Ltd./P C2
Apt Electronics Ltd./P C2
Apt Medical Inc./P C2
Apt Pharmaceuticals./P C2
AptaBio Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Aptalis Pharma./P
Aptamer Group. C2
Aptamer Sciences Inc./P C2
Aptamera Inc./P
Aptana Inc./P
Aptanomics SA
AptarGroup Inc./P C2
Aptatek BioSciences Inc. C2
Aptean Inc./P C2
Apteligent Inc./P
Apteryx Inc./P C2
Aptevo BioTherapeutics LLC./P
Aptevo Research./P C2
Apthera Inc C2
Aptigen Inc./P
Aptilo Networks. C2
Aptilon Inc./P C2
Aptima Inc./P C2
Aptina Imaging Corp./P
Aptinyx Inc. C2
Aptis Medical LLC/P C2
Aptiv Corp. C2
Aptiv Digital Inc./P
Aptiv Solutions. C2
Aptomar AS./P C2
Aptose Biosciences Inc./P C2
Apttus Corp./P C2
Aptus Endosystems Inc./P
APTwater Inc./P C2
APV Engineered Coatings C2
APV Heat Exchanger AS./P
APV Pasilac/P
APW Electronics Ltd. (CA) C2
APW Electronics Ltd. (UK)/P
APW Ltd. (USA)/P
APW Wyott FoodService./P C2
Apyron Technologies Inc./P C2
Apyx Medical Corp./P C2
AQ BioMed LLC./P C2
Aqdot Ltd./P C2
AqooA Solutions. C2
Aqua Aerobic Systems Inc./P
Aqua Bath Inc./P C2
Aqua Bella Designs LLC/P C2
Aqua Bounty Farms Inc./P
Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc./P
Aqua Carat GmbH/P
Aqua Chem Inc. (USA>TN) C2
Aqua Chem Inc. (USA>WI)/P
Aqua Clarus Holdings Pty. Ltd./P C2
Aqua Cooling Solutions Ltd./P C2
Aqua Gen AS./P C2
Aqua Glass Corp./P C2
Aqua Guard Spill Response Inc./P C2
Aqua Health Europe Ltd./P
Aqua Health Intl. Ltd./P
Aqua Innovations Inc./P C2
Aqua Leisure Industries Inc./P C2
Aqua Max Pty Ltd./P
Aqua Metals Inc./P C2
Aqua Pharmaceuticals LLC. C2
Aqua Pure Ventures Inc./P C2
Aqua Regenerative Therapies./P C2
Aqua Security Software Ltd./P C2
Aqua Society GmbH C2
Aqua Spark. C2
Aqua Technica KK/P
Aqua Technica Pty Ltd C2
Aqua Terra Environnement Holding/P
Aqua Vac Systems Inc./P
Aqua Zyme Disposal Systems Inc/P C2
AquaBlend Intl. BV./P
AquaBounty Technologies Inc./P C2
Aquacare Environment Inc C2
AquaChile. C2
AquaCue Inc./P C2
Aquaculture CRC Ltd./P
Aquaculture Technology/P
AquaEcology C2
AquaFiber Technologies Corp./P C2
Aquafil SPA./P C2
Aquafine Corp (USA>CA)./P C2
Aquafine Corp (USA>GA)./P C2
Aquagenx LLC. C2
Aquajet Systems/P C2
Aqualia SA./P C2
Aqualis ASA. C2
AquaLiv AB./P C2
AquaLiv Inc. C2
Aqualon Co./P
AquaLung Therapeutics Corp. C2
AquaMAX Pty Ltd. C2
AquaMed Technologies Inc. C2
AquaMetro AG./P C2
AquaNotion Ltd./P C2
Aquantia Corp./P C2
AquaPharm Bio Discovery/P C2
AquaPharm Health & Nutrition/P
AquaPorin/P C2
AquaPro BV. C2
AquaPro Industrial Co. Ltd./P C2
AquaPure Technologies Ltd./P C2
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Aquarius Equity Partners. C2
Aquas Corp./P
AquaScape Inc C2
AquaSource /P (FR) C2
AquaSource Algae Group PLC. C2
AquaSpy Group Pty Ltd./P C2
AquaSsure Bath Products Inc./P C2
AquaStar Holdings Inc. C2
AquaTech Intl. Corp./P C2
AquaTechnica Inc./P
AquaTerra Energy Ltd./P C2
AquaTerra Technologies C2
AquaTherm Industries Inc/P C2
Aquatic Co./P C2
Aquatic Development Group C2
Aquatic Informatics Inc./P C2
Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC./P C2
Aquatic Technology Inc./P
Aquatrols./P C2
Aquatrove Biosciences Inc./P C2
AquaVac Systems Inc. C2
AquaVit Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
AquaVitas. C2
AquaZ AS./P C2
Aquea Scientific Corp./P C2
Aquecedores Cumulus SA./P C2
Aqueduct Investments./P C2
Aqueduct Medical Inc./P C2
Aqueduct Neurosciences. C2
Aqueon Products. C2
Aqueous Pharma Ltd./P C2
Aquero Co./P C2
Aquest Systems Corp./P C2
Aquestive Therapeutics Inc./P C2
AqueSys Inc./P
Aquifer Resource Management./P C2
Aquifer Solutions Inc. C2
Aquifi Inc./P C2
Aquila Biolabs GmbH./P C2
Aquila BioMedical Ltd. C2
Aquila Biopharmaceuticals Inc/P
Aquila Corp. of Wisconsin/P C2
Aquila Enterprises/P
Aquila Inc. C2
Aquila Multimedia Co. Ltd./P
Aquila Piombo SRL/P C2
Aquila Resources Inc. C2
Aquila Resources Ltd. C2
Aquila Risk Management Corp./P
Aquila S.P.A./P
Aquila Shelters Ltd./P C2
Aquila Steel Co. Ltd./P
Aquila Technologies/P
AquiLabs SA./P C2
Aquilex Corp./P C2
Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals./P C2
Aquinox Pharmaceuticals./P
Aquion Energy Inc./P C2
Aquion Pty. Ltd. C2
Aquire Solutions Inc./P C2
AquiSense Technologies LLC./P C2
AqWest LLC/P
AqWise Wise Water Technologies/P C2
AR Metallizing./P C2
Ara Coating Inc./P
Ara Networks Co. Ltd./P C2
Ara Werk Kramer GmbH/P
Arab Pharmaceutical Mfg./P C2
Arab Potash Co. C2
Arabella Software Ltd./P
Arabian American Dev. Corp. C2
Arabian Industrial Fibers Co.
Arable Corp. C2
Arachnoid Biometrics/P
Arachnova Ltd. C2
Arachnova Therapeutics Ltd/P
Arachos Pharma Ltd. C2
Araclon Biotech SL./P C2
Aracruz Celulose/P
Arad/P C2
Aradial Technologies. C2
Aradigm/P C2
Arafura Resources Ltd./P C2
Aragen Bioscience Inc. C2
Arago Biosciences. C2
Arago GmbH. C2
Aragon Companies Inc./P
Aragon Medical Corp./P
Aragon Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Aragon Surgical Inc./P
Arai MedPhoton Res Lab Corp./P C2
Araim Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Arakawa Chemical Industries/P C2
Arakawa Kagaku Kogyo KK/P
Arakis Ltd./P
ArakniTek Inc. C2
Aralez Pharmaceuticals./P
Aram Huvis Co. Ltd./P C2
Aramark Corp./P C2
Aramark Uniform & Career./P C2
Aramco Overseas
Aramid Ltd. C2
Aramid Products GmbH/P
Aran Biomedical./P C2
Arana Therapeutics Ltd./P
Aranda Pharma Ltd C2
Arantech. C2
Aranz Healthcare Ltd./P C2
Arapahoe Chemicals Inc./P
Arapahoe Holdings LLC/P
Araris Biotech AG. C2
Aras Corp./P C2
Aratana Therapeutics Inc./P
Arauco. C2
Arava Institute C2
Arava Power Co. C2
Aravax Pty. Ltd./P C2
Araven SL./P C2
Aravis Ventures. C2
Aravive Biologics Inc./P C2
Araxes Pharma. C2
Arbe Robotics Ltd./P C2
Arbed SA./P
Arbeit Group. C2
Arbel Industrie/P
Arbel Medical Ltd./P
Arbin Instruments./P C2
Arbinet Corp./P C2
Arbiom. C2
Arbios S.A./P
Arbios Systems Inc C2
Arbitech LLC. C2
Arbitron Inc./P C2
ArBlast Co. Ltd./P C2
Arboc Specialty Vehicles LLC./P C2
Arbonne Intl. LLC./P C2
Arbor Assays LLC./P C2
Arbor Biotechnologies Inc./P C2
Arbor Networks Inc./P
Arbor Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Arbor Surgical Technologies/P
Arbor Vita Corp./P C2
Arboretum Ventures C2
ArborGen Inc./P C2
ArborSystems C2
Arbovax Inc./P C2
Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd./P C2
Arbutus Biopharma Corp./P C2
Arc Air Company/P
Arc Aroma Pure AB./P C2
Arc Bio LLC./P C2
Arc Document Solutions Inc./P C2
Arc Dust Processing (UK) Ltd/P
Arc Intl. PLC./P
Arc Intl. UK Ltd/P
Arc Kinetics Ltd./P C2
Arc Solutions Ltd. C2
Arc Surgical LLC/P
Arc Wireless Solutions Inc./P C2
Arca BioPharma Inc./P C2
Arca Inc. C2
Arca Systems/P
ArcActive Ltd./P C2
Arcadia Biosciences/P C2
Arcadia Data Inc. C2
Arcadia Solutions LLC./P C2
Arcadian Corp./P
Arcadian Fertilizer LP/P
Arcadis./P C2
Arcair Company/P
Arcam AB./P C2
Arcana Chem. Pharm. Fabrik GmbH/P
Arcane Industries./P C2
Arcapita Bank B.S.C. C2
Arcarios BV./P C2
Arcaris Inc/P
Arcato Laboratories Inc. C2
Arcbazar Com Inc./P C2
ArcDia Intl. OY Ltd./P C2
Arcedi Biotech ApS./P C2
Arcelik A.S./P C2
Arcellx Inc./P C2
ArcelorMittal/P C2
Arch Aerial LLC./P C2
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co./P C2
Arch BioPartners Inc./P C2
Arch BioSurgery Inc./P
Arch Cancer Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Arch Chemicals/P
Arch Coal Inc. C2
Arch Development/P
Arch Oncology Inc./P C2
Arch Personal./P
Arch PharmaLabs/P C2
Arch Specialty./P
Arch Technology Holding LLC C2
Arch Therapeutics Inc. C2
Arch Timber./P
Arch Venture Partners C2
Arch Wireless Operating Co. Inc./P
Arch Wood./P
Archean Group C2
Archean Technologies./P C2
Archemix/P C2
Archer Biosciences Inc. C2
Archer Capital C2
Archer Daniels Midland/P C2
Archer Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Archer Systems. C2
ArcherDX Inc./P C2
Archers Inc./P C2
Arches Computing Systems./P C2
Archetype Solutions Inc./P C2
Archibald Bros. Fine Beverages/P
Archimed LLP./P C2
Archimede Ricerche SRL. C2
Archimedes Inc./P C2
Archimedia Creation/P
Archimica/P C2
Archipelago Technology Group./P C2
Architectural Precast Inc./P C2
Architectural Titanium LLC./P C2
Architecture Technology Corp./P C2
Archive Corp./P C2
Archive Systems Inc C2
Archivel Farma SL./P C2
Archon Technologies Inc. (USA>VA)/P
Archon Technologies Ltd. (CA)/P
Archon Technologies Ltd. (IL) C2
Archroma IP GmbH./P C2
Archus Orthopedics Inc./P
Archveyor Pty Ltd/P
ArchWave AG. C2
ArciNova. C2
Arcion Therapeutics Inc./P
Arcis Biotechnology./P C2
ArcLight Capital Partners LLC. C2
Arclin./P C2
Arcline Investment MAN. C2
ArcMelt C2
Arco Capital Management LLC C2
Arco Chemical Technology/P
Arcobasso Foods Mfg. Co. C2
Arcom Digital LLC./P C2
Arcoma AB./P C2
Arcomed AG./P C2
Arcon Welding LLC./P C2
Arconic Inc./P C2
Arcoplast Inc/P
Arcor Networks. C2
Arcor SAIC./P C2
Arcos Inc. C2
Arcos LLC. C2
Arcos Technologies Ltd./P C2
Arcot Systems Inc./P
ArcScan Inc./P C2
ArcSight Inc./P
Arctaris Capital Partners LLC C2
Arctech Inc/P C2
Arctic Cat Inc./P C2
Arctic Cooling Switzerland AG./P C2
ArcticDx Inc. C2
ArcticStartup Ltd. C2
Arctoris Ltd./P C2
Arcturus Bioscience/P
Arcturus Engineering/P
Arcturus Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Arcus Biosciences Inc./P C2
Arcus Medical LLC./P C2
Arcus Technology Inc./P C2
Arcus Ventures C2
Arcutis Inc./P C2
Arcutronix GmbH. C2
Arcxis Biotechnologies LLC./P C2
Ardag Ltd. C2
Ardagh MP Group./P C2
Ardana Bioscience/P
Ardea Biosciences/P C2
Ardelyx Inc./P C2
Ardena. C2
Ardenia Investments Ltd./P
Ardent Computer Corp./P
Ardent Concepts Inc./P C2
Ardent Impressions Inc. C2
Ardent Outdoors Inc./P C2
Ardent Partners. C2
Ardent Pharmaceuticals/P
Ardent Recording Studios. C2
Ardent Research Corp./P C2
Ardent Sound Inc./P
Ardexus Inc./P C2
Ardian Inc./P
Ardian Investment Co. C2
Ardica Technologies Inc./P C2
Ardigen. C2
Ardo Medical AG./P C2
Area Clearance Services./P
AreaMetrics. C2
Arecont Vision LLC./P C2
Arecor Ltd./P C2
Aremco Products Inc./P
Arena Pharmaceuticals/P C2
Arena Solutions Inc./P C2
Ares Capital Corp. C2
Ares Corp./P C2
Ares Genetics GmbH./P C2
Ares Life Sciences. C2
Ares Management LLC. C2
Ares Trading SA./P
Aresa/P C2
Areta Intl. SRL./P C2
Arete Associates/P C2
Arete Therapeutics Inc./P
Areva EnergieTechnik./P
Areva NP./P C2
Areva T&D./P
Arevo Inc./P C2
Arexis AB/P
Argela./P C2
Argen Corp./P C2
Argen X./P C2
Argent Diagnostics C2
Argent Electric Inc./P
Argent Enterprises /P
Argent Enterprises Inc. C2
Argent Industrial LP/P
Argent International Inc./P C2
Argent KK/P
Argent Marine Operations Inc./P C2
Argent Medical System Corp./P
Argent Regulatory Services LLC/P
Argent Solar Electric Inc. C2
Argent Ventures LLC. C2
Argenta Discovery Ltd./P C2
Argenta Oral Therapeutics./P
Argenta Partners LP. C2
Argentex Mining Corp. C2
ArGentis Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
Argentium Intl. Ltd./P C2
Argentos AG. C2
Argentum Group. C2
Argentum Medical/P C2
Argentum Pharmaceuticals LLC. C2
Argenx BVBA./P C2
Arges Gesellschaft fur Indust./P C2
Argillon GmbH/P
Arginetix Inc./P
Argint Intl. C2
Argo AI. C2
Argo Data Resource Corp./P C2
Argo Medical Technologies Ltd./P
Argo Tech Corp. C2
ArgoMed Ltd./P
ArgoMedical AG/P C2
Argon Medical/P C2
Argon ST Inc./P C2
Argonaut Technologies Inc./P
Argonide Corp./P C2
Argos Soditic C2
Argos Therapeutics/P C2
Argus Capital Ltd. C2
Argus Chemical/P
Argus Chemicals SRL C2
Argus Coatings & Polymers Pvt C2
Argus Cyber Security Ltd./P C2
Argus Global Pty. Ltd./P C2
Argus Information & Advisory./P C2
Argus Metals Corp. C2
Argus Research Co. C2
Argus Technologies/P C2
Argus Vision Intl. Ltd./P C2
Argutus IP Ltd./P C2
Argyle Data Inc./P C2
Argylla Technologies/P C2
Arhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd C2
ARHT Media Inc./P C2
Ari Technologies Inc./P C2
Aria CV Inc./P C2
Aria Diagnostics. C2
Aria Intl. Inc. C2
Aria Networks Ltd./P C2
Aria Pharmaceuticals. C2
Aria Systems Inc. C2
Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc/P
Ariadne Diagnostics LLC. C2
Ariadne Genomics Inc./P
Arian Silver Corp. C2
Ariana Pharma. C2
ArianeGroup SAS./P C2
Ariat Intl. Inc./P C2
Ariba Inc./P
Aribex Inc./P C2
AriBio Co. Ltd./P C2
Aricent./P C2
Aridis Pharmaceuticals LLC/P C2
Ariel Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Ariel Precision Medicine Inc. C2
Ariel University./P C2
Ariens Company./P C2
Aries Electronics Inc./P C2
Aries Gasification LLC./P C2
Aries Propulsion Research Labs. C2
Arigo Inc. C2
Arigos Biomedical. C2
Arima Genomics Inc./P C2
Arimed Orthopedics Inc C2
Arimo. C2
Arineta Ltd./P C2
Ario Pharma Ltd. C2
ArioMedica Ltd./P C2
Arion Holding BV./P C2
Ariosa Diagnostics Inc./P
Aris Global. C2
Arisan Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Arisaph Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Arisawa Seisakusho KK/P
Arise Biotech Corp./P C2
Arise Technologies Corp./P C2
Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. C2
Arise Watch AG./P
Arise Windpower AB. C2
Arison Holdings C2
Arista Cereal Technologies./P C2
Arista Enterprises Inc./P C2
Arista Networks Inc./P C2
Arista Power Inc. C2
AristaMD Inc. C2
Aristea Therapeutics. C2
Aristea Translational Medicine/P C2
Aristech Acrylics LLC/P C2
Aristech Chemical Corp./P
Aristocrat Technologies/P C2
Ariston Pharmaceuticals Inc/P
Aristotle Intl. Inc./P C2
Arius Research/P
Arius Software/P
Arivis AG./P C2
Arix Bioscience PLC. C2
Arixa Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Ariz Precision Medicine. C2
Arizant Healthcare Inc./P
Arizona Alzheimers Consortium. C2
Arizona BioIndustry Association. C2
Arizona Blu Inc./P C2
Arizona Chemical/P C2
Arizona Clinical Research Center C2
Arizona Cultured Stone Products/P
Arizona Instrument LLC/P C2
Arizona Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
Arizona State University/P C2
Arizona Sunwash LLC./P C2
Arizona Tech Investors. C2
Arizona Technology Development/P
Arjae Spectral Enterprises Ltd./P
Arjo Hospital Equipment AB./P C2
ArjoHuntleigh C2
ArjoWiggins/P C2
Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd./P C2
Ark Biosciences Co. Ltd./P C2
Ark Crystal LLC./P C2
Ark Diagnostics Inc./P C2
Ark Energy C2
Ark Plas Products./P C2
Ark Scientific GmbH Biosystems
Ark Therapeutics Ltd./P C2
Arkal Automotive./P C2
Arkal Industries C2
Arkal Medical Inc./P C2
Arkanova Energy Corp. C2
Arkay Therapeutics LLC./P C2
Arkeia Software./P
Arkema/P C2
Arkenol Inc./P C2
Arkex Ltd./P C2
Arkin Holdings. C2
Arkion Life Sciences LLC/P C2
Arkis Biosciences./P
Arkitekt Ventures. C2
Arkivum. C2
Arkmicro Technologies Inc./P C2
Arkon Consultants C2
Arkon Resources Inc./P C2
Arkon Technology Co. Ltd./P
ArkoPharma/P C2
Arkray Inc./P C2
Arkuda Therapeutics./P C2
Arkwright Inc/P C2
Arla Foods/P C2
Arlabion. C2
Arlanxeo./P C2
Arlington Asset Investment C2
Arlington Capital Partners C2
Arlington Computer Products. C2
Arlington Medical Resources. C2
ARM Ltd./P C2
ArmaCell Enterprise GmbH./P C2
Armadillo Pharmaceuticals/P
ArmaGen Technologies Inc./P C2
Armaly Sponge Co./P C2
ARmark Authentication Tech./P
Armaron Bio Pty. Ltd./P C2
Armas Pharmaceuticals. C2
Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Armatron Intl. Inc./P C2
Armco Inc./P
Armco Metals Inc. C2
Armetheon Inc./P
Armgo Pharma Inc./P C2
Armida Technologies./P C2
Armines (A.R.M.I.N.E.S.)/P
Armis Biopharma Inc./P C2
Armis Security Ltd./P C2
Armo Biosciences Inc./P
Armonica Technologies Inc. C2
Armor All Products Corp/P C2
Armor Proteines./P C2
ArmorLock Industries LLC./P C2
ArmorSource LLC./P C2
ArmorWorks Enterprises LLC./P C2
Armour Eckrich Meats LLC/P C2
Armour Group PLC C2
Arms Pharmaceutical LLC./P C2
Armstrong Atlantic State Uni. C2
Armstrong Monitoring Corp. C2
Armstrong Pharmaceuticals Inc/P C2
Armstrong Rubber/P
Armstrong World Industries/P C2
Armtec Defense Products Co./P
Armtec Inc/P
Armtec Industries Inc/P
Armtec Ltd./P C2
Arnco Corp./P
Arnco Inc./P C2
Arnco Technology Trust/P C2
Arnel/P C2
Arno Therapeutics Inc./P
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik/P
Arnold Glaswerke/P C2
Arnold Magnetic Technologies/P C2
Arnold Maschinenfabrik GmbH./P
Arnott Inc./P C2
Arnotts Biscuits Ltd/P
Arnouse Digital Devices Corp./P C2
Aro Biotherapeutics. C2
Aro Corp./P
Aro Inc./P C2
Aroa Biosurgery Ltd./P C2
Arobella Medical LLC. C2
AroCell AB./P C2
Arog Pharmaceuticals./P C2
Arogenics Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Aroma Bit Inc./P C2
AromaGen Corp./P
AromaScan PLC/P
Aromat Produtos Quimicos C2
Aromatic Fragrances./P C2
Aromor./P C2
Aromyx Corp./P C2
Aronex Pharmaceuticals Inc/P
Aronora Inc. C2
Arora Matthey Ltd. C2
Aros Applied Biotechnology/P C2
Arotech Corp. C2
Arp Biomed/P
Arpal Aluminium/P C2
Arpeggio Biosciences. C2
Arpida Inc./P
Arplas Gesell. fuer Plasmatech-e./P
Arqiva C2
Arqos Surgical Inc./P
Arquer Diagnostics Ltd. C2
Arques Industries AG C2
Arques Technology/P
Arquo Technologies SA. C2
Arr Maz./P C2
ArrAIy Inc./P C2
Arrakis Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Arras Group C2
Array BioPharma/P
Array Converter Inc./P C2
Array Networks Inc./P C2
Array Technology LLC./P C2
ArrayComm LLC./P C2
Arrayent Inc./P C2
ArrayIt Corp. C2
ArrayJet Ltd./P C2
Arrem Plastics Inc./P C2
Arresto Biosciences Inc./P
Arrevus Inc./P C2
Arrhythmia Research Technology/P
Arrien Pharmaceuticals LLC. C2
Arrinex Inc./P
Arris Intl./P C2
Arris Pharmaceuticals/P
Arriva Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Arrival Oil Tools Inc./P C2
Arrive Technologies. C2
Arrivo BioVentures. C2
ArrMaz Custom Chemicals C2
Arrocerias Herba SA./P C2
Arrogene Inc./P C2
Arrow Display Group Ltd./P C2
Arrow Electronics Inc./P C2
Arrow Engine Co./P C2
Arrow Engineering Inc./P
Arrow Fastener Co. Inc./P C2
Arrow Generics UK Ltd. C2
Arrow Generiques/P C2
Arrow Global Inc./P C2
Arrow Group Industries Inc./P C2
Arrow Intl./P
Arrow Oil Tools Inc./P
Arrow Pharmaceuticals/P
Arrow Precision Ltd. C2
Arrow Precision Products Inc./P
Arrow Therapeutics/P
ArrowEye Solutions Inc./P C2
ArrowHead Electronic Healthcare. C2
Arrowhead Medical Device./P
ArrowHead Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
ArrowHead Research./P
ArrowMark Partners. C2
ArrowSight Inc./P C2
ArrowStream Inc./P C2
Arroyo Video Solutions Inc./P
Arryx Inc./P C2
Ars Arthro AG/P
Ars Arthro Biyoteknoloji AS./P C2
Ars Pharmaceuticals. C2
Ars Technologies Inc/P C2
Arsanis./P C2
Arsenal Biosciences. C2
Arsenal Capital Partners C2
Arsenal Medical Inc./P C2
Arseus NV. C2
Arsia Therapeutics Inc./P
Arstasis Inc./P
Art Advanced Res. Tech. Inc./P C2
Art Eyes Inc./P
Art Healthcare Ltd./P
Art Institute Of Chicago C2
Art Jen Complexus Inc./P
Art Medical Ltd./P C2
Art Of Private Shaking Glass &./P
Art Systems Software GmbH./P C2
Art Technology Group Inc./P
Art+Com AG./P C2
Art2Wave Inc./P C2
Arta Plast AB./P C2
Artann Laboratories Inc./P C2
ArTara Therapeutics Inc. C2
Artax Biopharma Inc./P C2
Arte Corp./P C2
Arteaus Therapeutics LLC. C2
Artec Imaging LLC./P C2
Artec IT Solutions AG. C2
Artec Systems Group/P
Artecel Inc./P C2
Artech Rubber BV./P C2
Arteche./P C2
Artefacts Systems LLC./P C2
Artek Exploration Ltd. C2
Artek Furniture Co. Ltd./P
Artek Industries Inc./P
Artek MicroElectronics Co. Ltd./P
Artek Surfin Chemicals Ltd. C2
Artek Systems Corp./P
Artel Inc./P C2
Artelis SA./P C2
Artelo Biosciences Inc./P C2
Artema Medical/P C2
Artemide SPA./P C2
ArtemiFlow. C2
Artemis Health Inc./P C2
Artemis Inc/P (Japan)
Artemis Innovations Inc./P
Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd./P C2
Artemis International Inc. C2
Artemis Kautschuk/P C2
Artemis Licensing Inc/P
Artemis Medical/P
Artemis Pharmaceuticals/P
Artemis Proteomics/P
Artemis Research/P C2
Artemis Rubber Technology Inc/P C2
Artemis Solutions. C2
Artenius TurkPET. C2
Artepharm Global Corp. C2
Arterez LLC. C2
Arteria Medical./P
Arteria SA./P C2
Arterial Remodeling./P C2
Arterial Vascular Engineering./P
Arteriocyte Medical Systems./P
Arterion AB./P C2
Arterra Bioscience SRL./P C2
Artery Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Arterys Inc./P C2
Artes Biotechnology GmbH./P C2
Artes Medical/P C2
Artesia Technologies Inc./P
Artesian Therapeutics Inc./P
Artesyn Embedded./P C2
Arteva North America/P
Arthon Construction Ltd./P C2
Arthrex Inc/P C2
Arthritis & Autoimmunity Rese/P C2
Arthritis Foundation. C2
Arthro Kinetics PLC C2
Arthro Lab Inc./P
ArthroCare Corp./P
ArthroSurface Inc./P C2
ArthroVision Inc./P C2
ArthroWave Medical Technologies C2
Arthur D. Little/P C2
Article One Partners./P C2
Articular Engineering LLC/P C2
Articulate Instruments Ltd/P C2
Articulinx Inc/P C2
Artielle ImmunoTherapeutics. C2
Artifex Corp./P
Artifex Equipment Inc./P C2
Artifex Ltd. (USA)/P
Artifex Software Inc. C2
Artificial Airways Inc./P
Artificial Cell Technologies./P C2
Artificial Environment Co Ltd./P C2
Artificial Intelligence Ltd./P
Artificial Life Inc./P C2
Artificial Lift Ltd./P C2
Artificial Medical./P C2
Artificial Muscle Inc./P
Artificial Perception./P C2
Artificial Sensing Instruments/P C2
Artificial Solutions./P C2
Artiman Ventures. C2
Artimi Ltd./P
ArtImplant AB./P C2
ArtinSoft Corp. SA./P
Artio Medical Inc./P C2
Artios Pharma Ltd./P C2
Artis Consulting LP./P C2
Artis Ventures. C2
Artisan Industries Inc./P C2
Artisent Inc./P C2
Artiva Biotherapeutics Inc. C2
Artiza Networks Inc./P C2
Artizan Biosciences Inc. C2
ARTMS Products Inc. C2
ArTomation C2
Artromick Intl. Inc./P
Arts Way Mfg. Inc. C2
Artugen Therapeutics Ltd./P C2
Artus Ges Fur MolekularBiologi/P
ArtusLabs Inc./P
ArtVentive Medical Group Inc./P C2
Aruba International Pty. Ltd./P
Aruba Networks Inc./P C2
Arubedo. C2
ArunA Biomedical Inc./P C2
Arup /P C2
Arup Alu-Rohr und Profil GmbH./P
Arup Institute./P C2
Aruvant Sciences Inc. C2
Aruze Gaming America Inc./P C2
Arvato AG. C2
Arvato Mobile GmbH./P
Arvato Systems GmbH./P C2
Arvelle Therapeutics. C2
Arvesta Corp./P
Arvia Technology Ltd./P C2
Arvik Enterprises LLC/P
Arvin Meritor./P
Arvin Technologies Inc./P
Arvinas Inc./P C2
Arvos./P C2
Arvys Proteins Inc C2
ARX Ltd./P C2
Arxan Technologies Inc./P C2
Arxiel Ventures. C2
ARxIUM Inc./P C2
Arxspan. C2
Arxx Building Products Inc./P C2
Ary Lift Inc./P C2
Aryaka Networks Inc./P C2
Aryballe Technologies./P C2
ArylEssence Inc. C2
Arynga Inc./P C2
Arysta LifeScience/P C2
Aryt Industries C2
Aryx Therapeutics/P
Aryzta LLC./P C2
Arzeda Corp./P C2
Arzneimittelwerk Dresden GmbH/P
As You Sow Foundation. C2
Asa Co. Ltd./P C2
Asa Corp. C2
Asa Gold & Precious Metals Ltd. C2
Asa Medical Services Co. Ltd. C2
Asa SRL./P C2
Asabys Partners. C2
Asada Corp./P
Asahi Breweries Ltd/P C2
Asahi Chemical Research Lab./P C2
Asahi Denka Kogyo KK/P
Asahi Dow/P
Asahi Engineering/P C2
Asahi Fiber Glass Co. Ltd/P
Asahi Food Processing Co Ltd/P
Asahi Foods Co Ltd./P
Asahi Glass /P
Asahi Glass Coat & Resin/P
Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers/P
Asahi Intecc Co. Ltd/P C2
Asahi Kagaku KK/P
Asahi Kasei/P C2
Asahi Lite Optical Co. Ltd/P C2
Asahi Medical Co. Ltd/P
Asahi Mini Rope Hanbai KK/P
Asahi Organic Chemicals Ind./P C2
Asahi Pen Corp/P
Asahi Security/P
Asahi Tec Corp./P C2
Asai Germanium Research/P C2
Asalus Medical Instruments./P C2
Asama Chemical Co Ltd/P
Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH./P C2
Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH. C2
Asan Foundation./P C2
Asana BioSciences LLC. C2
Asana Inc./P C2
Asana Medical Inc./P
Asante Inc./P
Asante Solutions Inc./P C2
Asante Technologies Inc./P C2
Asarco/P C2
Asat AG Applied Science &./P C2
Asat Ltd./P
Asavie R&D Ltd./P C2
ASC Biosciences Inc. C2
ASC Inc./P C2
ASC Signal Corp./P C2
ASC Thermo-Solutions Inc/P
Ascend Geo LLC./P
Ascend Performance Materials./P C2
Ascend SoftWare. C2
Ascend Therapeutics Inc/P C2
Ascendance Biomedical. C2
Ascendance Biotechnology Inc. C2
Ascendancy Healthcare Inc. C2
Ascendant Compliance Man./P C2
Ascender SL./P C2
Ascender Software LLC. C2
Ascendia Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
Ascendis Pharma AS./P C2
Ascendx Spine. C2
AsceNeuron SA./P C2
Ascenion GmbH./P C2
Ascenix BioTechnologies. C2
Ascensia Diabetes Care./P C2
Ascension Health Ventures C2
Ascension Orthopedics Inc./P
Ascension Technology Corp./P C2
Ascension Ventures. C2
Ascensus Specialties LLC. C2
Ascent AeroSystems Inc./P C2
Ascent Aviation Group C2
Ascent Biomedical Ventures. C2
Ascent Corp. (MI) C2
Ascent Corp. (NE)/P
Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd./P C2
Ascent Group Ltd./P
Ascent Media Group Inc./P C2
Ascent Pediatrics/P
Ascent Pharmahealth Ltd. C2
Ascent Products Inc./P
Ascent Scientific. C2
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc./P C2
Ascent Systems Inc. (CO)/P C2
Ascent Systems Inc. (PA) C2
Ascent Tech Solutions. C2
Ascent Technologies Group Inc./P
Ascent Technologies Inc. C2
Ascent Technology Inc. (CO)/P
Ascent Technology Inc. (MA)/P C2
Ascent Therapeutics C2
Ascenta Therapeutics Inc./P
Ascentage Pharma./P C2
Ascentia Health Inc./P C2
Ascential Software Inc./P
AscentX Medical Inc./P C2
Ascepion Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Asclepia Medchem Solutions. C2
Asclepion/P C2
AsclepiX Therapeutics./P C2
Ascletis./P C2
Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems/P
Ascom Holding AG. C2
Ascom Inc./P
Ascom SPA/P C2
Ascom Transmission AG/P
Ascometal SA./P C2
Ascot Mining PLC. C2
Ascot Pacific Ltd./P C2
Ascot Racecourse Ltd./P C2
Ascot Resources Ltd. C2
Ascus Biosciences Inc./P C2
ASD Inc. C2
ASE Optics Inc./P C2
ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd. C2
Asea Brown Boveri/P
AsEBio C2
Asec Mfg. Gp./P
Aseko Inc./P
Asemblon/P C2
Asensus Surgical Inc. C2
Asentinel LLC./P C2
Aseptic Technologies SA./P C2
Aseptico/P C2
Aseptika Ltd./P C2
AseptiScope Inc./P C2
Aseptix Research BV./P C2
Aser SA/P
Asetek AS./P C2
ASG Inc./P C2
ASG LuftfahrtTechnik & Sensori/P C2
ASG Superconductors SPA./P C2
Asgrow Seed Co./P
Ash Access Technology Inc./P C2
Ash Biotech Consulting Ltd. C2
Ash Grove Cement Co./P C2
Ash Stevens Inc./P C2
Asha Nutrition Sciences Inc./P C2
Ashburn Hill Corp. C2
Ashbury Intl. Group Inc/P C2
Ashby Point Capital. C2
Ashby Scientific/P
Ashe Morris/P C2
Asher Biotherapeutics Inc./P C2
Ashfield Engineering Co. Wexford/P
Ashford Technical Software Inc/P C2
Ashgate Publishing
Ashizawa Finetech Ltd/P
Ashkelon Technological Inds. C2
Ashkon Software LLC C2
Ashland /P C2
Ashland Sudchemie-Kernfest/P
Ashley Furniture Industries./P C2
Ashling Microsystems Ltd C2
Ashmont Holdings Ltd/P
Ashot Ashkelon Industries/P C2
Ashta Chemicals Inc. C2
Ashu Organics (India) Pvt. Ltd
Ashvattha Therapeutics. C2
Ashwin Ushas Corp/P
Ashworth Bros. Inc./P C2
ASI Corp. C2
ASI DataMyte Inc./P C2
ASI Technologies Inc./P C2
Asia Air Survey Co. Ltd./P C2
Asia Climate Partners. C2
Asia Entertainment & Resources C2
Asia Hepato Gene Co./P C2
Asia Industry Co. Ltd./P
Asia Labtech Japan/P
Asia Online. C2
Asia Optical Co. Inc./P C2
Asia Pacific Connections. C2
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell/P C2
Asia Pacific Resources (Fiji) C2
Asia Pacific Resources (IN) C2
Asia Pacific Resources (SG) C2
Asia Pacific Ventures. C2
Asia Planning KK/P
Asia Plantation Capital. C2
Asia Polymer
Asia Renal Care Ltd. C2
Asia Satellite Telecom./P C2
Asia Securities Printing Co. Ltd./P
Asia Silicones Monomer
Asia Union Electronic Chemical C2
Asia Vital Components Co. Ltd./P C2
AsiaChem Consulting. C2
AsiaInfo Linkage Inc. C2
Asian Atlantic Industries Inc./P C2
Asian Cancer Research Group. C2
Asian Development Bank
Asian Paints Ltd. C2
Asian Paints Queensland Pty. Ltd./P
Asian Pioneer Espana SL./P C2
Asian Probiotics & Prebiotics./P
AsiaPay Ltd. C2
Asiatic Clinical Research. C2
Asiatic Fiber Corp./P C2
AsiaTree Technology Co. Ltd./P C2
AsiaWorld Shipping./P C2
Asic Advantage Inc./P
Asic Architect Inc./P
Asic North./P C2
Asico LLC./P C2
Asics Corp./P C2
Asieris Pharmaceuticals./P C2
Asilas Genomic Systems Inc. C2
Asilomar Bio Inc./P C2
Asilomar Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Asinex C2
Asiros AS./P C2
Asit Biotech. C2
Asius Technologies LLC./P C2
Asix Electronics Corp./P C2
ASJ Holding APS/P
ASJ Holdings Ltd. C2
Ask Agent Ltd./P C2
ASK Chemicals./P C2
ASK Corp/P C2
ASK Industries SPA./P C2 C2
Aska Pharmaceutical/P C2
AskAt Inc./P C2
Askesis Development Group. C2
Askey Computer Corp./P C2
Asklep Inc. C2
Asklepion Pharmaceuticals LLC. C2
Asklepios BioPharmaceutical./P C2
Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg/P C2
Asknet AG. C2
Asko Cylinda AB./P C2
Asko Inc./P C2
Aslan Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd. C2
ASM International C2
ASM International NV/P C2
ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. C2
AsmaCure Ltee./P C2
ASMedia Technology Inc./P C2
Asmo Co. Ltd./P C2
Asola Quantum Solarpower AG. C2
Asola Vetro SRL./P C2
Asolva Inc. C2
Asoma Instruments Inc./P
Asota GmbH/P
Asoyia Inc. C2
ASP Global Manufacturing GmbH./P
Aspect AI Ltd./P C2
Aspect Biosystems Ltd./P C2
Aspect Imaging Ltd./P C2
Aspect Medical Systems Inc./P
Aspect Software Inc./P C2
Aspect Ventures. C2
Aspectrics Inc./P C2
Aspen Aerogels Inc/P C2
Aspen Avionics Inc./P C2
Aspen Contracting Inc. C2
Aspen Diagnostics Corp/P
Aspen Global Ltd./P
Aspen Institute. C2
Aspen Laboratories/P
Aspen Medical Products Inc./P C2
Aspen MediSys LLC C2
Aspen Networks Inc./P C2
Aspen Neurosciences. C2
Aspen Park Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Aspen Pharmacare/P C2
Aspen Products Group Inc./P C2
Aspen Research Corp./P C2
Aspen Surgical Products Inc./P C2
Aspen Systems Inc./P C2
Aspen Technology Inc./P C2
AspenWood Capital. C2
Aspera Inc./P C2
Aspex Corp./P C2
Asphericon GmbH/P C2
Aspic SRL/P C2
Aspir Tek Inc./P C2
Aspira Biosystems Inc./P
Aspire Bariatrics LLC./P C2
Aspire Capital Partners Inc. C2
Aspire Medical Innovation. C2
Aspireo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. C2
Aspivix SA./P C2
Aspreva Pharmaceuticals/P
Aspyra C2
Aspyrian Therapeutics Inc./P
ASS Automotive Solar Systems./P
Assa Abloy AB./P C2
Assan Aluminyum./P C2
Assarel Medet AD./P C2
Assay Depot Inc./P C2
Assay Designs Inc./P C2
Assay Research Inc./P
Assay Tec Associates Inc./P
Assay Technologies Inc./P
Assay Technology Inc./P C2
AssayMetrics Ltd./P C2
Assem Technology Co. Ltd./P C2
Assembly Biosciences Inc./P C2
Asserted Versioning LLC./P C2
Assertio Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Assessment Technology Inc./P C2
Asset Associates Ltd/P
Asset India Foundation C2
Asset Intelligence LLC./P
Asset InterTech Inc./P C2
Asset Management Company C2
Asset Science LLC./P C2
AssetPoint. C2
AssetWorks Inc./P C2
Assidoman Inncoat/P
Assistance Publique Hospitaux/P
Assisted Living Federation. C2
AssisTek. C2
Assistive Technology Inc./P C2
Assistive Technology Products Inc/P
Associação Bras. Embalagens PET
Associação Bras. Obesidade
Associação Bras. Tintas
Associação Latino A. Tinta Po.
Associated British Foods PLC C2
Associated Builders & Contractor C2
Associated Cement Companies Ltd/P
Associated Electrical Industries/P
Associated Materials Inc./P C2
Associated Octel Co. Ltd/P
Associated Partners LP C2
Associated Plastics (USA>CA)/P
Associated Plastics (USA>NJ) C2
Associated Press/P C2
Associated Research./P C2
Associated Spring Corp./P
Associated Spring Raymond/P C2
Associated Synapse Biologics/P
Associated Universities Inc./P C2
Associates of Cape Cod/P C2
Association A. Artificial Intel. C2
Association Business Executives C2
Association For Emissions. C2
Association For Intl Cancer Res. C2
Association Home Appliance Manufact
Association L Essor Transfusion/P
Association Lunetiere Technologi./P
Association Metropolitan Water Agen
Association Mfg. Technology C2
Association Of Post-Consumer C2
Association Of University. C2
Association Of Water Tech. C2
Association Prudent Use Antibiotics
Associazione Ricerca Otologia/P
AssuraMed. C2
Assurance Software & Hardware./P
Assurance Storage LLC. C2
Assurant Inc./P C2
Assured Information Security./P C2
AssureTec Systems Inc./P C2
Assurex Health Inc. C2
Assuta Medical Center. C2
Ast GmbH/P C2
Ast Products Inc./P C2
Asta Medica/P
Astaire Group C2
Astan Inc/P
Astarte Medical. C2
AstaTech/P C2
Astea Intl. Inc. C2
Astec Developments Ltd./P
Astec Industries Inc./P C2
Astec Intl. Ltd./P
Astec Irie Co. Ltd/P
Astech Projects Ltd./P C2
Astechnologies Inc./P C2
AsteelFlash./P C2
Asteer Co. Ltd./P C2
Astek Beteiligungs GmbH./P C2
Astek Inc./P C2
Astek Innovations Ltd./P C2
Astell Scientific./P C2
Astellas Pharma/P C2
Astellas Venture Management C2
Asten Inc./P
AstenJohnson Inc/P C2
Aster Capital. C2
Aster Data Systems Inc./P
Aster Inc./P
Asterand/P C2
Asteres Inc./P C2
Asterias Biotherapeutics./P
Astero Bio Corp./P
Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
AsthmaPolis. C2
AsthmaTx Inc./P
Astia Inc. C2
Astic Signals Defenses LLC./P C2
Astilleros Espanoles/P
Astimex Pharma AB. C2
Astion Pharma/P C2
Aston University
Astonfield Renewables. C2
Astor Schneidewerkzeuge GmbH/P
Astorg. C2
Astra /P
Astra Identity Inc./P C2
Astra Polymers C2
Astra Tech AB./P C2
Astraea Therapeutics C2
Astraeus Wind Energy Inc. C2
Astral Inc./P
Astral Mining Corp. C2
Astralis LLC/P
AstraNet Systems Ltd. C2
AstraZeneca/P C2
Astris Energi Inc./P C2
Astrium ./P
Astrium Services. C2
Astro Gaming/P C2
Astro HQ LLC./P C2
Astro Med Inc./P C2
Astro Valcour Inc./P
AstroDyne Corp./P C2
AstroGenetix Corp. C2
AstroNautics Corp. of America./P C2
Astronergy Solar./P C2
Astronics AES C2
AstroTech Corp./P C2
AstroTurf Industries Inc./P C2
Astrum (UK) Ltd./P
AsturPharma S.A./P C2
Astute Medical Inc./P C2
Astute Networks Inc./P
Astute Solutions. C2
Astute Technologies LLC. C2
Astute Technology LLC./P C2
Asubio Pharma Co. Ltd./P
Asulab SA/P C2
AsuraGen/P C2
AsureQuality. C2
Asurion LLC./P C2
ASUSTeK Computer Inc./P C2
ASX Ltd. C2
Asylia Therapeutics. C2
Asylum Research/P C2
AsymChem Laboratories./P C2
Asymptote Ltd./P C2
Asynt Ltd./P C2
Asys Automatic Systems GmbH./P C2
Asys Group. C2
Asyst Technologies Inc./P
Asyst Technologies Japan Inc./P
Asyst Technologies LLC./P C2
At Group LLC. C2
At Ing. SRL./P C2
At Peak Resources LLC./P C2
At Plastics Inc/P C2
At Risk Intl. LLC. C2
At Road Inc./P C2
AT&E Corp./P
AT&T /P C2
AT&T Bell Laboratories/P
Ata Bygg- Och Markprodukter AB/P C2
Ata Engg. Inc./P C2
Ata Ventures. C2
Atacama Labs OY./P C2
AtaCor Medical Inc./P C2
Atai Life Sciences AG. C2
Atairgin Technologies Inc./P
Atalanta Therapeutics. C2
Atalasoft Inc./P C2
Atanor SA/P C2
Atar Capital. C2
Atara Biotherapeutics Inc. C2
Atari Inc./P C2
Atavium Inc./P C2
Ataxion Inc./P C2
ATBS Technology Co. Ltd./P C2
ATC Logistics & Electronics Inc./P
Atche Medical Ltd. C2
Atchison Casting Corp/P
Atco Group. C2
Atco Industries Inc./P C2
Atco Laboratories Ltd. C2
Atco Products Inc./P C2
Atco Rubber Products Inc./P C2
Atco Structures & Logistics./P C2
AtCor Medical Pty Ltd./P C2
Atd Corp/P
Atea Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
ATech Elektronika D.O.O. C2
Atecom GmbH./P C2
Atek Companies. C2
Atek Fine Chemical Co. Ltd./P C2
Atek Inc./P C2
Atel Capital Group. C2
Atelerix Ltd./P C2
Aten Intl. Co. Ltd./P C2
Ateras. C2
Aterian Investment Partners LLC. C2
Aternity Inc./P C2
Aterovax./P C2
Atex Co. Ltd./P C2
Atex SPA./P C2
Atex Technologies Inc./P C2
ATG Access Ltd./P C2
ATG R&D Ltd./P C2
ATG Risk Solutions. C2
Athabasca Minerals Inc. C2
Athabasca Oil Corp. C2
Athabasca Oil Sands Investments/P
atHeart Medical. C2
Atheer Inc./P C2
Athelas SA/P
Athena Bioscience LLC. C2
Athena Biotechnologies/P
Athena Brands Inc./P C2
Athena Diagnostics/P C2
Athena Drug Delivery Solutions. C2
Athena Feminine Technologies./P C2
Athena Medical/P
Athena Neurosciences/P
Athena Smartcard Solutions KK./P C2
AthenaHealth Inc./P C2
Athene Holding Ltd. C2
Atheneos Capital C2
Athenex Inc./P C2
Athenian Venture Partners C2
Athera Biotechnologies AB./P C2
Atheris Lab./P C2
AtheroMed Inc./P C2
AtheroNova Operations Inc./P C2
Atheros Communications Inc./P
Atherotech Inc./P C2
Athersys Inc./P C2
Athira Pharma Inc./P C2
Athletic Intelligence Measures/P C2
AtHoc Inc./P
Athos Fabrics SL./P C2
Athos Holding GmbH./P C2
Athos Works Inc./P
Athyrium Capital Management. C2
ATI Group C2
ATI Incubator. C2
ATI Properties/P
ATI Technologies./P
Atia Vision Inc. C2
Atiaia Energia C2
Atigeo LLC./P C2
Atirix Medical Systems./P C2
Ativa Medical. C2
Ativus Farmaceutica Ltda
ATK Race SRL./P C2
ATK Thiokol Propulsion./P
Atkins C2
Atkins Nutritionals Inc./P C2
Atkore Intl. Inc./P C2
ATL Agricultural Technology/P C2
ATL Technology LLC./P C2
ATL Ultrasound/P
ATLab Inc./P C2
ATLab Pharma./P
Atlanta Catheter Therapies./P C2
Atlanta Equity. C2
Atlanta Gas Light Co./P C2
Atlantic AgriTech Inc C2
Atlantic BioMass Conversions Inc C2
Atlantic BioMed Corp/P
Atlantic BioPharmaceuticals/P
Atlantic Biotechnology Inc. C2
Atlantic City Coin & Slot./P
Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc./P C2
Atlantic Conveying Equipment Ltd./P
Atlantic Health C2
Atlantic Health Sciences Corp. C2
Atlantic Healthcare PLC. C2
Atlantic Medical Inc./P
Atlantic Methanol C2
Atlantic Packaging Products./P C2
Atlantic Pharmaceutical Services C2
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Atlantic Power Corp. C2
Atlantic Research Corp/P
Atlantic Richfield/P
Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe. C2
Atlantic Street Capital. C2
Atlantic Technology Ventures Inc
Atlantic Therapeutics. C2
Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. C2
Atlantis Components/P C2
Atlantis Computing Inc./P C2
Atlantis Power Quality Systems/P C2
Atlantis Resources./P C2
Atlantium Technologies Ltd./P C2
Atlas Agro GmbH C2
Atlas Antibodies AB./P C2
Atlas Biolabs GmbH. C2
Atlas Copco/P C2
Atlas Elektronik GmbH./P C2
Atlas Energy Inc. C2
Atlas Genetics Ltd./P
Atlas Heavy Engineering/P C2
Atlas Holdings LLC C2
Atlas Lab/P
Atlas Laboratories & Pharma. C2
Atlas Materials Testing./P C2
Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Inc C2
Atlas Pharmaceuticals C2
Atlas Refinery Inc./P C2
Atlas Researches Ltd./P C2
Atlas Risk Advisory Ltd./P C2
Atlas Roofing Corp./P C2
Atlas Systems Inc. C2
Atlas Therapeutics AB./P
Atlas Therapeutics Corp. C2
Atlas Union Shoe Co. Ltd./P
Atlas Venture C2
Atlas Vertriebs GmbH/P
Atlas Wearables Inc./P C2
AtlasMedx Inc./P C2
Atlassian Corp. Pty. Ltd./P C2
ATLATL Innovation Cluster. C2
Atlona Technologies. C2
ATM Outsources/P
ATM Wound Management Inc./P
Atmi BVBA./P
Atmi EcoSys Corp./P
Atmos Energy Corp./P C2
AtmosAir Solutions. C2
Atmosphere Furnace Company/P
Atmospheric Glow Technologies/P C2
Atna Resources Ltd. C2
Ato Findley/P
Ato Haas/P
AtoHaas Bolding/P
AtoHaas Holdings/P
Atolytics Inc./P
Atoma Intl. Corp./P
Atomax Chemicals. C2
Atomergic Chemetals Corp
Atomic Energy Corp. South Africa/P
Atomic Energy Of Canada Ltd. C2
Atomic Hydrogen Technologies Ltd/P
Atomic Tower Inc./P C2
Atomico. C2
Atomo Diagnostics Pty. Ltd./P C2
Atomwise Inc./P C2
Aton Partners. C2
Aton Pharma/P
Atonarp Inc./P C2
Atonometrics Inc./P C2
Atonomics AS./P C2
Atopic Pty Ltd/P
Atopix Therapeutics Ltd. C2
Atos Medical AB./P C2
Atos SE. C2
Atossa Healthcare Inc./P
Atossa Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Atotech/P C2
Atox Bio Ltd./P C2
ATP Innovations Pty. Ltd. C2
ATP Intl./P
ATP Oil & Gas Corp./P C2
Atrato Inc./P
Atraverda Ltd/P
Atreca Inc./P C2
Atrenta Inc./P
Atreus Pharmaceuticals Corp. C2
Atri Systems Inc/P
Atria Building Products Inc./P
Atria Concept AB./P
Atria Controls Inc. C2
Atria Genetics Inc./P
Atria Software Inc./P
Atrial Fibrillation Association. C2
AtriCure Inc./P C2
Atrility Medical. C2
Atrin Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
Atrion Corp. C2
Atrionix Inc./P
Atritech Inc/P
Atrium Door & Window Co./P C2
Atrium Inc C2
Atrium Innovations Inc. C2
Atrium Medical Corp/P C2
Atrium Research & Consulting LLC C2
Atriva Therapeutics GmbH. C2
Atrix Laboratories/P
Atropos Ltd./P
Atropos Technologies LLC C2
Atropos Therapeutics Inc. C2
ATRP Solutions Inc./P
ATS Automatic Taping Systems/P
ATS Automation Tooling Systems/P C2
ATS Diesel Performance Inc. C2
ATS Inc. C2
ATS Labs. C2
ATS Medical/P
ATS Products Inc./P
ATS RheoSystems C2
ATS Scientific Inc. C2
ATS Spartec Inc/P C2
ATS Tanner AG C2
ATS Wickel- & Montagetechnik AG/P
Atsena Therapeutics. C2
Atsuka Chemical Co. Ltd./P
Att Environmental Technology Inc/P
Attabotics Inc./P C2
Attachmate Corp./P
Attagene Inc./P C2
Attain LLC. C2
Attainia Inc./P C2
Attaje Inc/P
Attana AB./P C2
AtTask Inc. C2
Attenex Corp./P
Attensity Corp./P
Attention Therapeutics LLC. C2
Attenua Inc./P
Attenuon LLC
Attero Recycling. C2
Atterocor Inc./P
Atterx BioTherapeutics. C2
Attivio Inc./P C2
Attivo Networks Inc./P C2
Atto Bioscience Inc/P
Atto Co. Ltd./P C2
Atto Corp./P C2
Atto Devices Inc./P
Atto Display Co. Ltd./P
Atto Instruments./P
Atto Tec GmbH./P C2
Atto Technology Inc./P C2
AttoMol GmbH./P C2
AttoQuant Diagnostics GmbH. C2
Attralus. C2
Attrice Corp. C2
Attune Consulting. C2
Attune Foods./P C2
Attune Medical. C2
Attune Pharmaceuticals Inc. C2
Attune RTD./P C2
Attune Technologies. C2
Attunity Ltd. C2
Attwill Medical Solutions./P C2
Attwood Corp./P C2
Atugen AG/P
Atul Ltd./P C2
ATV Products Inc./P
AtWeb Inc./P C2
Atwood Mobile Products LLC/P
Atwood Oceanics Inc./P C2
ATX Group Inc./P
ATX Networks Corp./P C2
Atyr Pharma Inc./P C2
Atztechnik Herz GmbH & Co. C2
Au Optronics/P C2
Aubert & Duval SA/P
Aubrey Capital. C2
Aubrey Group Inc. C2
Aubrey Inc. C2
Aubrey Manufacturing Inc./P
Auburn University/P
Auckland Uniservices Ltd/P
Auction Management Solutions Inc./P
Auctionomics Inc./P C2
AuctionZoom Ltd. C2
Auctiva Corp./P
Auctor Corp. C2
Auctus Management GmbH C2
Audacious Inquiry./P C2
Audax Group C2
Audax Health Solutions Inc./P
Audax Industries SA./P C2
Audax Medical Inc. C2
Audentes Therapeutics Inc. C2
Audeo Oncology Inc. C2
Audi AG/P C2
Audible Inc./P C2
Audible Magic Corp./P C2
Audience Inc./P
Audience Partners LLC./P C2
AudienceScience Inc./P C2
AudienceView Ticketing Corp. C2
Audika. C2
Audinate Pty. Ltd./P C2
Audio AG. C2
Audio Alert Inc./P
Audio Analytic Ltd./P C2
Audio Engineering Society C2
Audio Pixels Ltd./P C2
Audio Precision Inc./P C2
Audio Technica./P C2
AudioAsics AS/P
AudioCodes Ltd./P C2
AudioCure Pharma GmbH./P C2
Audion Therapeutics. C2
AudioNamix./P C2
AudioPack Sound Systems./P
AudioPack Technologies./P
AudioPoint Inc./P C2
AudioPtics Medical Inc./P C2
AudioVox Corp./P
AudioWell Electronics./P C2
Audit Quality Inc./P C2
Auditude Inc./P
Audra International LLC/P
Auergesellschaft GmbH/P
Augen Gold Corp. C2
Aughinish Alumina./P
Augma Biomaterials Ltd./P C2
Augme Technologies Inc./P C2
AugMedics Ltd./P C2
AugMedix Inc./P C2
Augmenix Inc. C2
Augment Medical Inc./P C2
Augmenta Bioworks Inc./P C2
Augmented Medical Intelligence/P C2
Augmented Reality Lab./P C2
Augmenteum LLC./P C2
Augmentiqs Medical Ltd./P C2
Augmentir./P C2
Augsburg Airways C2
Augurex Life Sciences Corp./P C2
Auguri Corp./P C2
Augurix SA./P C2
Auguron Biosciences Inc C2
August Capital. C2
August Home Inc./P C2
August Ruggeberg GmbH/P C2
August Ventures Inc. C2
Augusta Industries Inc. C2
Augusta Systems Inc./P
Augustine Ventures Inc. C2
Auismont S.p.A./P
Aulan Metal Products Co. Ltd. C2
Auldey Animation & Toy Co. Ltd./P
Aulos Bioscience. C2
Aum Biosciences. C2
Aum Cardiovascular Inc./P C2
Aum LifeTech Inc./P C2
Aum Nutrapharm/P
Aur Resources Inc. C2
Aura Biosciences Inc./P C2
Aura Industries Inc. C2
Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd./P C2
Aura Silver Resources Inc. C2
Aura Smart Air Ltd./P C2
Aura Systems Inc./P C2
Aura Technologies Inc C2
AuraBeat Holdings Ltd./P C2
AuraLex Acoustics Inc./P C2
Auransa Inc./P C2
AuraSense LLC./P C2
AuraSound Inc./P C2
AuraVax Therapeutics Inc. C2
AuraZyme Pharmaceuticals Inc C2
Aurea Software Inc./P C2
Aurealis OY./P C2
Aurelia Private Equity. C2
Aurelium BioPharma Inc/P C2
Aurelius AG C2
AureoGen Biosciences./P C2
Aureos Capital. C2
Aureus Product Innovations Inc/P C2
Aureus Research Consultants LLC C2
Aureus Sciences. C2
AuRico Gold Inc. C2
Auriga Energy Ltd. C2
Auriga Intl. SA./P C2
Auriga Laboratories/P
Auriga Measurement Systems./P C2
Auriga Medical Products GmbH/P
Auriga Partners C2
Auriga Polymers Inc./P
AuriGen Medical. C2
Aurigene/P C2
Aurigin Systems Inc./P
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Auris Health Inc./P C2
Auris Medical AG./P C2
Aurisco Pharmaceutical./P C2
Auritec Medizindiagnostische./P C2
Auritec Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Aurizon Mines Ltd. C2
AuRo Resources Corp. C2
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd./P C2
Aurochim Industria SRL/P
Auron Therapeutics. C2
Aurora Algae Inc./P C2
Aurora Bio. C2
Aurora Biomed Inc. C2
Aurora Biosciences Corp/P
Aurora Biotechnologies C2
Aurora Capital Partners. C2
Aurora Diagnostics Inc. C2
Aurora Energy Corp. C2
Aurora Flight Sciences./P C2
Aurora Funds LP C2
Aurora Gold Corp. C2
Aurora Imaging Technology/P C2
Aurora Instruments./P C2
Aurora Labs Ltd./P C2
Aurora Networks Inc./P
Aurora SFC Systems./P
Aurora Solar Inc./P C2
Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. C2
Aurora Specialty Chemistries/P C2
Aurora Spine./P C2
Aurora Tactical LLC C2
Aurubis./P C2
Aurum Biomedical Technology./P C2
Aurum Inc. C2
Aurum Software (BR) C2
Aurum Software (USA)/P
Aurum Ventures IL. C2
Aurum Ventures IN. C2
AusBiotech Ltd. C2
Ausco Products Inc./P C2
AusculSciences Inc./P C2
Aushon Biosystems Inc./P C2
Ausidet SPA/P
Ausio Pharmaceuticals LLC. C2
Ausmelt Ltd/P
Auspex Pharmaceuticals/P
Auspherix Ltd. C2
Ausra Inc./P
AussaPol SPA./P
Austar Intl. C2
AustarPharma LLC. C2
Austen BioInnovation Institute. C2
Austin & Neff L.L.C./P
Austin Biometrics LLC C2
Austin Chemical C2
Austin Exploration Ltd. C2
Austin GeoModeling Inc./P C2
Austin House/P C2
Austin International (SC) C2
Austin Logistics Inc./P
Austin Powder/P C2
Austin Research Institute/P
Austin Ventures C2
Australia & New Zealand Banking C2
Australia Gov. C2
Australian Biofund Investments C2
Australian Biomedical Co Pty Ltd/P
Australian Food Industry Science/P
Australian Inst. Marine Science/P
Australian Magnesium Corp Pty Ltd/P
Australian Membrane & Biotech./P
Australian Mobile TeleComm. C2
Australian National University/P C2
Australian Nuclear Science &/P C2
Australian Pharmaceutical C2
Australian Plastic Profiles Pty C2
Australian Private Equity & C2
Australian Red Cross Society/P
Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd. C2
Australian Sustainable Energy./P
Australian Technological Innovati/P
Australian Technology Innovation C2
Australian University/P
Australian Vinyls Corp. Ltd. C2
Australian Water Technologies/P
Australian Wine Racks Pty Ltd./P C2
Australian Wine Research./P C2
Australis Capital Inc. C2
AustriAlpin Vertriebs GmbH./P C2
AustriaMicroSystems AG./P
Austrian Academy of Sciences C2
Austrian Energy & Environment/P C2
Austrian Inst of Technology./P C2
Austrian Science Fund (FWF). C2
AustriaNova Singapore Pte Ltd./P C2
AutekBio Beijing Inc./P C2
Auterra Inc./P C2
Auth0 Inc. C2
AuthenTec Inc./P
Authentic Ltd./P C2
Authentic Vision GmbH./P C2
Authentica Inc./P
Authenticor Identity./P C2
AuthentiDate Holding Corp./P C2
AuthentiDate Intl. AG./P C2
AuthentiForm Technologies LLC./P
AuthentiFy Inc./P
Authentix Inc./P C2
Authentix Network Inc./P
AuthentiX Technologies Ltd./P
Authernative Inc./P C2
Author Solutions Inc./P C2
Authority Software LLC./P C2
Autifony Therapeutics Ltd./P C2
Autism Biotech Ltd./P C2
Autism Society. C2
Autism Speaks. C2
Auto Kabel Management GmbH./P C2
Auto Meter Products Inc/P C2
Auto Net Mobile Inc./P
Auto Sleepers Ltd./P C2
Auto Tec International
Auto Trol Technology Corp./P
Auto Vision Inc. C2
Auto Winner Ltd./P C2
AutoAlert Inc./P C2
AutoAlert Ltd./P C2
AutoBahn Therapeutics Inc./P C2
AutoBytel Inc./P C2
AutoChem Inc./P
AutoClear C2
AutoCloning Technology Ltd/P
AutoCrat Associates GmbH. C2
AutoCrat Inc./P C2
AutoCrib Inc./P C2
AutoData Solutions/P C2
AutoDesk Inc./P C2
AutoDose SA/P
AutoFlug GmbH./P C2
AutoGen Instruments Inc./P C2
AutoGen Research/P
AutoGenics/P C2
AutoGenomics./P C2
AutoGraphy LLC./P C2
AutoGrid Inc./P C2
Autoimmune Technologies./P C2
AutoLitt Inc./P
Autoliv/P C2
AutoLog Inc./P C2
AutoLogic Holdings PLC C2
AutoLogic LLC/P C2
AutoLus Ltd. C2
Automated Assembly Corp./P C2
Automated Cash Systems Inc./P C2
Automated Cell/P
Automated Dynamics Corp./P C2
Automated Financial Systems/P C2
Automated Healthcare./P
Automated Insights Inc./P C2
Automated Lab Solutions GmbH. C2
Automated Logic Corp./P
Automated Media Proc./P
Automated Media Services Inc./P C2
Automated Packaging Systems./P C2
Automated Precision Inc./P C2
Automated Quality Technologies./P
Automated Solutions Inc (AZ)/P
Automated Solutions Inc (CA) C2
Automated Solutions Inc (MI)/P C2
Automated Solutions Intl. Inc. C2
Automated Solutions LLC/P C2
Automated Trading Desk LLC./P C2
Automated Vending Technology./P C2
Automatic Data Processing/P
Automatic Elect Lab/P
Automatic Liquid Packaging Inc./P
Automatic Power Inc./P C2
Automatic Systems./P C2
Automatic Technology AU Pty./P C2
Automatic Timing & Controls/P C2
Automation Anywhere Inc./P C2
Automation Dr. Nix GmbH & Co./P C2
Automation Federation. C2
Automation GT. C2
Automation Partnership/P
Automation Service Equipment Inc/P
Automation Tooling Systems/P
Automed Technologies Inc./P
Automess Automation &./P C2
Autometric Corp./P
Automic Software GmbH./P C2
Automotive Components Holdings./P
Automotive Data Solutions Inc/P C2
Automotive Fluid Systems Inc./P
Automotive Fuel Cell Corp./P C2
Automotive Integrated./P C2
Automotive Lighting Italia./P C2
Automotive Moulding Co./P
Automotive Resources Intl. C2
Automotive Software Designers. C2
Automotive Systems Laboratory/P
Automotive Technologies Intl./P C2
AutoNet Mobile Inc./P C2
AutoNetworks Technologies Ltd./P C2
Autoneum Man. AG./P C2
Autonomic Software Inc./P C2
Autonomic Technologies Inc./P C2
Autonomy Corp./P
Autonomy Inc./P
AutoNose Manufacturing Ltd. C2
AutoPilot Inc. C2
AutoRevo Ltd. C2
AutoSonik SPA./P
AutoSplice Inc./P C2
AutoTalks Ltd./P C2
AutoTelic LLC./P C2
AutoTrol Corp./P
AutoVision Associates/P
AutoVision GmbH C2
AutoVision Inc C2
AutoZone/P C2
Autronic Plastics Inc./P C2
Autrosafe OY./P C2
Autus Corp. C2
Auven Therapeutics. C2
Auvex Manganese Ltd. C2
Auvik Networks Inc./P C2
Aux Sable Canada LP C2
Auxano Biomedical LLC. C2
Auxein Corp/P
Auxetic Technologies Ltd./P C2
Auxetix Technologies Ltd./P C2
Auxilium Cura Innovatio./P C2
Auxilium Intl. Holdings Inc./P
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals/P
Auxilium US Holdings LLC./P
AuXin Surgery SA./P C2
AuxoCell Laboratories Inc./P C2
AuxoGyn Inc./P C2
AuxoLytic Ltd./P C2
AV Medical Technologies Ltd. C2
AV Tech Corp./P C2
AV Test GmbH. C2
AV Therapeutics. C2
Ava AG./P C2
Ava Biochem AG./P C2
Ava CO2 Schweiz AG./P C2
Avac Ltd. C2
Avac VakuumTeknik AB./P C2
Avacen Inc./P C2
AvaCor Products LLC. C2
AvaCore Technologies Inc./P C2
Avacta./P C2
Avadel Pharmaceuticals./P C2
Avadim Health. C2
Avago Technologies/P
Avail Medical/P
Avail Medsystems Inc./P C2
Availl Inc./P
Avails Medical Inc./P C2
Avakado Ltd. C2
Avala Resources Ltd. C2
AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc. C2
Avalanche Australia Pty. Ltd./P
Avalanche Biotechnologies Inc./P
Avalanche Technology Inc./P C2
Avalara Inc. C2
Avalence LLC./P C2
Avaleo C2
Avalere Health LLC. C2
Avalere Inc./P
Avalign Technologies Inc./P C2
Avalon Advanced Products/P C2
Avalon Capital. C2
Avalon Effect. C2
Avalon Industries Inc./P C2
Avalon Instruments Ltd./P C2
Avalon Pharmaceuticals/P
Avalon Ventures C2
AvalonRF Inc./P C2
Avalue Technology Inc./P C2
Avalyn Pharma Inc./P C2
Avanade Holdings LLC./P C2
Avancen MOD Corp./P C2
Avancis GmbH & Co. KG/P C2
Avanex Corp./P
Avangate Inc. C2
AvanGrid Renewables LLC./P
Avanir Pharmaceuticals/P C2
Avanos Medical Inc. C2
Avanquest Software./P C2
Avant Immunotherapeutics/P
Avant Medical BV. C2
Avanta Orthopaedics/P
Avantac Vascular Corp./P
Avantec Vascular Corp./P C2
Avantes BV C2
AvantGen Inc./P C2
Avantha Group. C2
Avanti Communications Group PLC. C2
Avanti Golf C2
Avanti NanoSciences C2
Avanti Polar Lipids Inc./P C2
Avanti Therapeutics Inc. C2
Avantis Ltd./P C2
Avantis Medical Systems Inc./P C2
Avantis Pharma Deutschland GmbH./P
Avantis Pharmaceuticals Inc./P
Avantium/P C2
Avantogen Inc./P
Avantor Performance Materials./P C2
Avantra Biosciences Corp./P C2
Avanza Laboratories LLC C2
Avanza Technologies Inc./P C2
Avapco LLC. C2
Avara Pharmaceutical Services. C2
Avaris AB/P C2
Avast Software AS. C2
Avatar Systems Corp/P
Avatier Corp./P C2
Avatron Software Inc./P C2
Avax Technologies Inc./P C2
Avaxia Biologics Inc./P C2
Avaya Inc./P C2
Avazzia Inc./P C2
Avco Corp./P
Avco Lycoming/P
AvCorp Industries Inc. C2
Avebe/P C2
Avecia Biologics Ltd./P
Avecia Biotechnology Inc./P
Avecia Pharmaceuticals/P
Avecom NV./P C2
Avecor Cardiovascular/P
Avectas Ltd./P C2
Aveda/P C2
Avedro Inc./P C2
Aveka Inc/P C2
Aveksa Inc./P
Avelar Energy Ltd. C2
Avelas Biosciences Inc./P C2
Avella Specialty Pharmacy. C2
Avellino Lab USA Inc./P C2
Avenda Health Inc./P C2
Aveng (Africa) Ltd./P C2
Aveni./P C2
Avenir Medical Inc./P
Avensys Corp. C2
Avent Inc./P
Aventine Renewable Energy Inc/P C2
Aventix Animal Health. C2
Avenu Medical Inc./P C2
Avenue Therapeutics Inc. C2
Avenview Corp. C2
Aveo Oncology. C2
Aver Informatics Inc./P C2
Aver Information Inc./P C2
Avera Pharmaceuticals Inc/P
Avere Systems Inc./P C2
Averica Discovery Services Inc. C2
AverMedia Technologies Inc./P C2
Averna. C2
Avertana Ltd./P C2
Avery Biomedical Devices Inc./P C2
Avery Dennison/P C2
Avery Design Systems Inc./P C2
Avery Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Avery Weigh Tronix LLC./P C2
Aveso/P C2
Avesta Biotherapeutics India C2
Avesta Sheffield AB/P
Avesta Technologies Inc./P
Avestha Gengraine Technologies/P
Avesthagen Ltd./P C2
Avestor Corp.
Avetta LLC. C2
Aveva /P C2
Aveva Drug Delivery Systems/P C2
Avex Group Holdings Inc./P C2
Avex LLC./P C2
Avex SG Technology Inc./P C2
Avexa Ltd./P
AVEXIR Technologies Corp./P C2
AveXis Inc./P
Avexxin AS./P C2
AVG Abfall Verbrennungs GmbH/P
AVG Abfall Verwertungs GmbH/P C2
AVG Aluminium Vertriebs GmbH/P
AVG Group C2
AVG Productions Inc./P
AVG Technical Services GmbH/P
AVG Technologies./P C2
Avgol./P C2
Avi BioPharma/P
Avi Networks./P C2
Avi Spl Inc. C2
Aviall Caledonian Engine Services/P
Aviall Services Inc C2
Avian Farms
Aviana BioPharm Inc./P
AviaraDx/P C2
Aviat Networks. C2
Aviation Data Systems. C2
Aviation Devices & Electronic./P C2
Aviation Renewables Corp. C2
Aviation Safety Resources. C2
Aviation Technical./P C2
Aviatrix. C2
Avicanna Inc. C2
Avicel Asia Pacific
Avicena Group/P C2
Avicenna Co./P C2
Avicenna Intl./P C2
Avicenna Laser Technology Inc C2
Avicenna Medical Systems Inc C2
Avicenna Technology Inc C2
Avici Systems Inc./P
Avicode Inc./P
Avid Bioservices Inc. C2
Avid Electric Vehicles Ltd. C2
Avid Identification Systems/P C2
Avid Medical C2
Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Inc/P
Avid Technology Inc./P C2
Avid Technology Ltd. C2
Avidas Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
AvidaSports LLC./P C2
AvidBiologics Inc. C2
AvidBiotics Corp./P C2
Avidea Group Inc./P C2
Avidea Technologies Inc./P C2
Avidex Ltd./P
Avidia Inc./P
Avidity Biosciences LLC./P C2
Avidity Science LLC./P C2
Avidyne Corp./P C2
Avient. C2
Aviesan C2
AviGenics Inc/P C2
Avigilon Fortress Corp./P C2
Aviir Inc./P C2
Avila Therapeutics Inc./P
Avilex Pharma APS. C2
Avillion LLP. C2
Avinci Media LC./P C2
Avinent Implant System SL./P C2
Avineon Inc. C2
AviNeuro Pharmaceuticals Inc C2
Avinger Inc./P C2
Avintiv Specialty Materials Inc./P
Avio SPA./P C2
Avion Gold Corp. C2
Avion Partners./P C2
Avion Pharmaceuticals LLC./P C2
Avionica Inc./P C2
Avioq Inc./P C2
Avior Computing Corp./P C2
Avior Integrated Products Ltd. C2
AviPep Pty Ltd./P C2
Avir Green Hills Biotechnology/P C2
Avir Sensors. C2
Avira GmbH./P C2
Aviragen Therapeutics Inc./P
Avisa Pharma Inc./P C2
Avise Partners./P C2
Avisena Inc./P C2
Avision Inc./P C2
Aviso GmbH./P
Aviso LED lighting Co. Ltd. C2
Avisonic Technology Corp./P C2
Avista Advantage Inc./P
Avista Capital Partners C2
Avista Corp./P C2
Avista Laboratories Inc./P
Avista Pharma Solutions./P C2
Avistar Communications Corp./P C2
Avita Corp./P C2
Avita Medical Ltd./P C2
Avitar Inc./P
Avitec SRL/P C2
Avitide Inc./P C2
Aviv Biomedical Inc. C2
Aviv Carmel Systems Ltd./P
Aviv Venture Capital. C2
Aviva Biosciences Corp./P C2
Aviva PLC. C2
Aviva Sports LLC./P C2
Aviva Systems Biology./P C2
Aviva USA Corp./P
AvivaGen Inc./P C2
Avive Solutions Inc./P C2
Aviza Europe./P
Aviza Technologies./P
Aviza Technology./P
AVK Industrial Products/P
AVL List GmbH/P C2
AVL Medical Instruments/P
Avlar BioVentures C2
Avlon Industries Inc/P C2
AVM BioTechnology LLC./P C2
AvMax Inc/P
Avnera Corp./P C2
Avnet Inc./P C2
Avo Photonics. C2
Avoca Inc./P
Avocent Corp./P
Avocet Polymer Technologies/P C2
Avolynt Inc. C2
Avomeen Analytical Services./P C2
Avon Automotive C2
Avon Foundation. C2
Avon Products/P C2
Avon Protection Systems Inc./P C2
Avon Rubber./P C2
Avon Vibration Management./P
Avondale Mills Inc./P C2
Avonite Inc./P
Avoset Health Ltd./P C2
Avra Laboratories Pvt. Ltd./P C2
Avra Medical Robotics Inc./P C2
Avra Surgical Inc. C2
Avraham Pharmaceuticals C2
Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute./P C2
Avrak Inc. C2
AvraTech Academy. C2
Avriel Group, AMCAS Division Inc/P
Avril./P C2
Avrio BioPharmaceuticals. C2
Avrio Capital. C2
Avrio Technology Group LLC. C2
AvroBio. C2
AVRS Inc./P C2
AVT Inc./P C2
AVT Ltd./P C2
AvTech Corp./P C2
AvTech Electrosystems Ltd. C2
AvTech Inc. (CN)/P
AvTech Inc. (USA)/P
AvTech Ltd./P
AvTech Software Inc C2
AvTech Sweden AB/P C2
Avtron Holdings LLC. C2
Avue Technologies Corp./P C2
Avure Technologies/P C2
AvVaa World Health Care. C2
Avvasi Inc./P C2
Avvenu Inc./P
AVVie GmbH./P C2
Avvinity Therapeutics. C2
Avvo Inc. C2
AVX Corp./P C2
AW Energy OY./P C2
AWA American Sumo Inc./P
AWA Couvert GmbH/P C2
AWA Engineering Co. Ltd. (JP)/P
AWA Inc./P
AWA Ltd./P C2
AWA Micro Power Corp./P
AWA Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd./P C2
AWA Research LLC/P
AWA Technical Agencies Ltd./P
Awair Inc./P C2
Awaji Materia Co. Ltd./P C2
Awak Technologies Pte. Ltd./P C2
Aware Chemicals L.L.C/P
Aware Inc./P C2
Aware Software Inc./P C2
Awareness Protective./P C2
Awareness Technologies Inc. C2
Awareness Technology Inc./P C2
AwarePoint Corp./P
AWB Ltd./P C2
Aweida Ventures C2
Awel Intl. C2
Awery. C2
AWI Acquisition Co./P
AWI Licensing Co./P
Awox SA./P C2
Awrel. C2
AWS Convergence Technologies./P
AWS Ocean Energy Ltd./P C2
Axa Art Insurance Corp. C2
Axa Group C2
Axalta Coating Systems./P C2
Axalta Shinto Coating Systems./P C2
Axane Fuel Cell Systems C2
Axaron Bioscience/P
Axcan Pharma/P
Axceler. C2
Axcelis Technologies Inc./P C2
AxCell Biosciences
AxCella Health Inc./P C2
Axcelon Biopolymers Corp./P C2
Axcen Photonics Corp./P C2
Axcend Corp. C2
Axcess Intl. Inc./P C2
Axcient Inc. C2
Axeda Corp./P C2
Axel Springer Digital TV Guide/P C2
Axel Technologies OY./P C2
Axel Technology SRL. C2
Axela Inc./P
Axelar AB./P C2
Axelgaard MFG. Co. Ltd./P C2
Axell Wireless Ltd./P C2
Axellia Pharmaceuticals./P
Axellus AS./P
Axens/P C2
Axentis Pharma AG./P C2
Axeon Airfresh SRL./P C2
Axeon Power Ltd. C2
Axeq Technologies Inc. C2
Axerion Therapeutics Inc. C2
Axerra Networks Ltd./P C2
Axia Acquisition Corp./P
Axial Biotech Inc./P C2
Axial Biotherapeutics Inc./P C2
Axial Exchange Inc. C2
Axial Vector Engine Corp./P C2
Axiall Corp. C2
AxiCom Ltd./P
AxiCorp GmbH C2
Axikin Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Axim Biotechnologies Inc./P C2
Axima Refrigeration GmbH/P C2
Axine Water Technologies./P C2
Axio Research C2
AxioGenesis AG/P
Axiom Analytical Inc./P
Axiom Biotechnologies/P
Axiom EPM. C2
Axiom Exergy Inc./P C2
Axiom Foods Inc./P C2
Axiom Global Inc./P C2
Axiom Gold & Silver Corp. C2
Axiom Microdevices/P
Axiom Worldwide Inc./P C2
Axioma Inc./P C2
Axiomatic Design./P C2
Axiomatics AB./P C2
AxioMed Spine Corp./P C2
AxioMx Inc./P C2
Axion BioSystems Inc./P C2
Axion Intl. Inc. C2
Axion Japan./P C2
Axion Microdevices/P
Axion Power Intl. Inc./P C2
Axios 3D Services GmbH./P C2
Axios Intl. C2
Axios Partners LLC./P C2
Axis Biochemicals/P
Axis Communications AB/P C2
Axis Genetics PLC/P
Axis Network Technology./P
Axis Shield./P C2
Axis Surgical Technologies./P C2
Axis Technologies/P C2
Axis Technology Software LLC./P C2
Axis Therapeutics Ltd. C2
Axle Intl./P
AxleTech Intl./P C2
Axo Service OY./P C2
AxoGen Inc./P C2
Axol Bioscience. C2
Axolabs GmbH. C2
Axolotl Biologix Inc. C2
Axolotl Intl. Asia Pty. Ltd./P C2
Axon Enterprise Inc./P C2
Axon Lab AG./P C2
Axon Neuroscience SE./P C2
Axon Technologies Corp./P C2
Axon Therapies Inc./P C2
Axonia Medical. C2
Axonics Modulation./P C2
Axonify Inc. C2
AxonRF Inc. C2
AxonVR Corp./P C2
Axonyx Inc./P
Axoom GmbH. C2
AxoProtego Therapeutics. C2
Axordia Ltd/P
AxoSim Technologies. C2
Axovant Sciences./P
Axovia Therapeutics. C2
AXS One Inc./P
AxSome Therapeutics Inc. C2
AxSon Services GmbH./P
Axsun Technologies Inc./P C2
AxSys Corp./P
AxSys Technologies/P
AxSys Technology Ltd. C2
Axuall Inc./P C2
Axure Software Solutions Inc./P C2
Axus Technology LLC./P C2
AxWave Inc./P C2
AxWay Inc./P C2
Axxam SPA./P C2
Axxana Israel Ltd./P C2
Axxess Pharma Inc. C2
Axxia Systems Ltd. C2
Axxia Technologies/P
Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven/P C2
Axxima Pharmaceuticals AG/P
Axxonis Pharma AG./P C2
Axxora LLC C2
Axygen Inc./P
Axyntis C2
Axys Pharmaceuticals/P
AY (A.Y.) Laboratories Ltd/P
Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Ayas Renewables. C2
Ayasdi Inc./P C2
Ayata Inc. C2
Aycan. C2
Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. C2
Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Inc./P
Ayla Networks Inc./P C2
Aylus Networks Inc./P C2
Ayoxxa Biosystems GmbH./P C2
Aytec Japan Corp./P
Aytu BioScience Inc./P C2
Ayuda Media Systems Inc./P C2
Ayumi Pharmaceutical Corp./P C2
AZ Electronic Materials/P
AZ Technology/P C2
Azad Pharma/P C2
Azafaros BV. C2
Azalea Networks./P
Azaleos Corp./P C2
Azane Inc. C2
Azanta AS./P C2
Azantis Inc. C2
AzarGen Biotechnologies./P C2
Azaya Therapeutics Inc./P C2
Azbil Corp./P C2
Azdel Inc./P C2
AZE Ltd./P C2
Azek Building Products Inc./P C2
Azelis SA C2
Azelon Pharmaceuticals. C2
Azeria Therapeutics Ltd. C2
Azeti Networks AG. C2
Azevan Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini/P
Azign Bioscience AS/P
Azimuth Corp./P
Azimuth Inc./P C2
Azimuth Industrial Co. Inc./P C2
Azimuth Sleep Solutions. C2
Azimuth Systems Inc./P C2
Azimuth Technologies/P C2
Azitra./P C2
Aziyo Biologics Inc./P C2
Azo Digital SP. Z.O.O./P C2
Azon Corp./P C2
Azonix Corp./P C2
Azonto Petroleum Ltd. C2
AzoPharma Inc./P
Azotic Technologies Ltd./P C2
Azrieli Foundation. C2
Aztec Peroxides LLC
Azteca Milling
AzTech Associates Inc C2
AzTech Group Ltd. C2
AzTech Inc/P
AzTech Technologies Inc. C2
Aztek Networks Inc./P
AZTherapies Inc./P C2
Azuki Systems Inc./P C2
Azul 3D. C2
Azul Systems Inc./P C2
Azulis Capital C2
Azuma Co. Ltd./P
Azumio. C2
Azuqua Inc./P C2
Azur Composites Piscines SARL./P C2
Azur Digital Networks./P C2
Azur Energy LLC./P C2
Azur Environmental/P C2
Azur Fragrances France SA./P C2
Azur Pharma/P
Azur Space Solar Power GmbH./P C2
Azura Ophthalmics Ltd./P C2
Azure Biotech Inc. C2
Azure Capital Partners. C2
Azure Dynamics Inc./P C2
AzureWave Technologies Inc./P C2
Azuri Technologies Ltd./P C2
Azurity Pharmaceuticals Inc./P C2
AzurRx Biopharma Inc. C2
Azwell Inc./P
Azzur Group LLC. C2

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