BIOCHEMISTRY. EDUCATION. VIRTUAL LAB Nobel e-Museum's Virtual Biochemistry lab Biochemistry made interesting to teenagers. Virtual Biochem. Lab. modeled along the lines of computer game is making its debut this summer (07.01) on website

BIODIVERSITY. ENVIRONMENT. GLOBAL NON-PROFIT ORG. Greenpeace International To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants

BIOLOGY. ECOLOGY. JOURNALS BioOne Access for institutions to peer-reviewed journals in biological, environmental, & ecological science from 35 publishers (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resource Coalition, American Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Kansas, & others)

BIOLOGY. MEDICINE. DATABASE. JOURNALS BioMedNet Access to > than 100 journals & databases at website for biological medical researchers; free abstracts; full text free to subscribers or pay-per-view (Elsevier Science)

BIOLOGY. MEDICINE. JOURNAL ARTICLES BioMed Central Free access to meeting abstracts & peer-reviewed articles in > than 50 online biology & medicine journals published by Current Science Group

BIOPHARMA. BioPharm Provides practical, peer-reviewed information to readers involved in the development & manufacture of pharma. prodts through biotechnology. Focuses on the entire scope of applied technologies in biopharma. development process.

BIOTECHNOLOGY. APPLICATIONS Genesis Software system that enables researchers to manage, integrate, & analyze their own internally derived gene-expression & associated clinical data from external sources, including proprietary & publicly databases such as GenBank, SwissProt, LocusLink.


BIOTECHNOLOGY. INFORMATION. BRAZIL Conselho de Informações de Biotecnologia (CIB) Objective is to support biotechnology applications particularly in Agriculture. Sponsored by Aventis, BASF, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont & Syngenta

BIOTECHNOLOGY. INFORMATION. U.S.A. National Center for Biotechnology Information Established in 1988 as natural resource for molecular biology information, NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data & disseminates biomedical information rel. to health

BIOTECHNOLOGY. MEDICINE. SCIENCE. ARTICLES Infotrieve For corporate & academic customers; search of citations & abstracts from > than 35,000 journals for free; access to articles in biotechnology, medicine & science.

BLOOD. STERILIZATION. RESEARCH. SUPPORT Consortium for Plasma Science Consortium's mission to enhance safety of human blood source plasma derivatives by facilitating research into universal method to erradicate pathogens, pref., focusing on initial sterilization techniques

BRAIN. IMAGING. RESEARCH. DATA Brain Imaging Biomedical Informatics Research Network for sharing & mining brain-imaging research data

BRAIN. INSIDE. INTERACTIVE EXHIBIT Brain: The World Inside Your Head The exhibit that opened on 02.07.01 is funded by grant from Pfizer in collaboration with NIH. Using virtual reality, video games, optical illusions & interactive displays, "Brain" aims to teach kids & parents more about the "world inside our heads"

CARBON. NANOTUBE NanoTube Site First discovered in 1991, nanotubes are cylindrical fullerenes & have diameter of only a few nm & lengths (2000) up to a mm. Super strength & high aspect ratio. Site developed & maintained by Tománek David at Michigan State University

CARDIOLOGY Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia Site in portuguese, contg. heart-health information, events & links to other important brazilian & international sites

CATALYSIS. SUPPORT Catalynk Provides an online expert system to help users select support materials. It also offers tutorials & sample order capabilities

CERAMICS. DATA National Institute of Standards & Technology & click Evaluated Data Database begun in 1990, holds > than 30,000 numeric values for compds derived from oxides, borides, carbides, nitrides & oxynitrides

CHEMICAL. ABSTRACTS. PROPERTIES. REACTIONS. STRUCTURES CrossFire Beilstein & CrossFire Gmelin Subscription services that provide access to databases of abstracts, structures, reactions & properties; customers can use the LitLink product to jump to articles from journals that their institutions subscribe to (MDL Information Systems)

CHEMICAL. ABSTRACTS. SERVICE CAS (ACS) Clients search CAS databases of 20 million journal & patent abstracts & chemical substances for a fee; users can link to full text of articles in participating journals & patents througfh Chemport using STN or SciFinder

CHEMICAL. COMMERCE (Brazil) TotalChem Site where marketers, manufacturers, distributors of chemical, petrochemical, gas & plastic segments may do business, seeking partnerships & strengthening their trademarks. 13,000 registered companies & 18,000 prodts for sale & research (in portuguese)


CHEMICAL. COMPOUND. SEARCH. REDUCTION. TIME Chemical Resource Database & search application designed to reduce search & procurement time to locate chemicals for research projects. Chemicals can be found by structure, Chemical Abstracts Registry Number, MW, molecular formula, chemical name or catalog number

CHEMICAL. INFORMATION Ashgate Leading independent publisher, offers comprehensive sources of accurate & up-to-date chemical information for pharma. & industrial chemical research

CHEMICAL. JOURNAL ARTICLE. PATENT. FULL TEXT ChemPort Through CAS search services for a fee, provides access to full text of journal articles from 135 publishers & to patents; articles are free to subscribers or available for pay-per-view or through document delivery (ACS, AAS, Royal Soc. Chem. Springer V.)

CHEMICAL. SOCIETY (USA) American Chemical Society (ACS) Self-governed individual membership organization that consists of > 163,000 members - 60% from industry at all degree levels. There are 33 ACS div. representing wide range of disciplines for chemists, chemical engineers & technicians

American Chemical Society (ACS) Self-governed individual membership organization that consists of > 163,000 members - 60% from industry at all degree levels. There are 33 ACS div., representing wide range of disciplines for chemists, chemical engineers & technicians

CHEMICAL. SOCIETY (USA). PUBLICATIONS American Chemical Society (ACS) Free search of the society's 31 journals; free access to articles for subscribers; pay-per-view for nonsubscribers

CHEMICAL. SOCIETY. NETWORK CHEM-SOC Information made available by 30 national chemistry societies. Section called Chembytes Infozone provides science, industry, & prodt news; an update on new publications; & an online magazine.

CHEMICAL. TECHNOLOGY. INTERMEDIATION Chemical Partners Commercialization of innovations in the chemical industry by developing new businesses & enhancing existing ones. It brings together key resources including (1) People; (2) Knowledge; (3) Capital & (4) Laboratories & Mfg. Facilities

CHEMISTS. INDUSTRY. SEARCH SERVICE It draws from a database of thousands of selected websites. CAS has arranged with - in addition to Google & ChemGuide - for CAS's eScience service to provide clients ability to extend to Web the searches they conduct using CAS products

CITATION FREQUENCY. SCIENCE. CAS CAS Science Spotlight Identifies the 10 journal articles, 10 journals, & 10 patent families in CAS databases that were most CITED in the prior 2 years

CITATION FREQUENCY. SCIENCE. ISI ISIHighlyCited Will feature the 250 or so scientists who have received the most citations in each of 21 disciplines. ISI combed through 19 million articles & other records from 1981-99

COATINGS. TECHNOLOGY Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology Mission is to provide education & professional development to members & global industry through multi-national Constituent Societies. Comprised of 27 Societies (23 in USA, 2 in Canada, 1 in Mexico & 1 in UK)


DENMARK. LIBRARIES Danish Electronic Research Library Being built by the Danish National Library Authority, in association with Danish government agencies; to link the nation's research library resources. Ultimately the library will provide free access to documents for students, teachers & researchers

DISEASE. CONTROL. PREVENTION Centers for Disease Control & Prevention U.S. federal agency linked to Dept of Health & Human Services. Protection of health & safety of people at home & abroad providing information to enhance health decisions & promoting health through strong partnerships.

DISEASE. NON-SPECIFIC DISEASE. RESEARCH. SUPPORT National Institute of General Medical Science [USA - (NIH)] USA's NIH's federal agency supporting basic biomedical research not targeted to specific disease. Because scientific breakthroughs often originate from such untargeted studies, NIGMS funded work resulted in great biomedical research's progress

ECOLOGY. Ecology Preprint Registry The Ecological Society of America & the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis have taken a middle-of-the-road approach. Their online service posts abstracts. Readers are then free to contact authors to request preprints

ENERGY. U.S.A. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Information Bridge Access to > than 65,000 scientific & technical reports from DOE national labs., grant holders & contractors

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE. U.S.A. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Enviro-Science e-Print Service Unpublished manuscripts of journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, & reports related to environmental science (Dept. of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Dept. of Defense)

FINANCIAL INDICATOR. TECHNOLOGY. ANALYSIS CHI Research Inc Focused research consultancy in development & analysis of technology, science & financial indicators. Services (1) For financial & investment community; (2) For tracking Technology & Corp. Competitive Intelligence.

FORESTRY Michigan Association of Timbermen Is a trade association, representing the forest prodts industry of Michigan. Founded in 1972, MAT has provided effective representation of Michigan forestry community including those who grow, harvest & process forest prodts

FUELS. HYDROGEN National Hydrogen Association The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) was born out of a Hydrogen Workshop in November, 1988, held at the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.


GLASS. PROPERTIES. SciGlass Database contg. property value data on > 95% of all published glasses & a glass property calculator, is now available on the Web. It covers 135,000 glasses with 1.3 million properties.

GREEN CHEMISTRY (U.K.) Royal Society of Chemistry's Green Chemistry Network

GREEN CHEMISTRY (U.S.A. - ACS) American Chemical Society (ACS)

GREEN CHEMISTRY (U.S.A. - EPA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

GREEN CHEMISTRY (U.S.A. - Green Chemistry Institute) Green Chemistry Institute


IMMUNOLOGY>PRIMARY IMMUNODEFICIENCY IMMUNE DEFICIENCY FOUNDATION The National Patient Organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy, education, and research

IMPORTANT. BIOLOGY. NON-PATENT LITERATURE Faculty of 1000 Online service that brings together > 1,400 life scientists to "provide consensus map of the papers that they think are IMPORTANT, with explanations of why each is important. Service available by subscription

INFRARED. SPECTROSCOPY. AnalyzeIt IR Used to help interpret bands in IR spectrum. Scientist loads the spectrum & clicks on peak of interest to generate list of all functional groups possible at that position. It features more > 200 functional groups & 700 interpretation frequencies.

LIFE SCIENCES. JOURNAL ARTICLES PubMed Central Access to free Life sciences journal articles from a half-dozen publishers, in some cases after a delay of up to a year (NIH)

LIFE SCIENCES. RESEARCH LITERATURE E-BioSci European online portal for searching & accessing peer-reviewed research literature & databases. Abstracts will be free. Full-text articles are not. European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) will take lead in developing E-BioSci.

E-BioSci To serve as online portal for searching & accessing peer-reviewed research literature & databases. The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) will take the lead in developing E-BioSci.

MAGNETIC RESONANCE ANGIOGRAPHY MR Imaging & MR Angiography The protocols presented here are our current practice. They were developed on the basis of 10 years experience with thousands of body MR Angiography cases.

MASS SPECTROMETRY. Is an international mass spectrometry Web resource. It presents news & feature articles related to mass spectrometry & provides conference & career links

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. AUTHOR. ARTICLES DSpace MIT & Hewlett-Packard are developing DSpace, a digital archive for articles by the university's authors. DSpace will allow contributors to control access to their writings.

MAX PLANCK SOCIETY. INFORMATION Center for Information Management Examination how best to give Society's scientists electronic access to "all the latest information relevant to their work" Content could include journals as well as Max Planck researchers' publications & preprints

MEDICINE. ASSOCIATION (BRAZIL) Associação Paulista de Medicina

MEDICINE. BIOMEDICAL. JOURNALS. PubMed Free searches of the Medicine database of citations & abstracts from > than 4,300 biomedical journals; links to full-text articles from participating publishers or in some cases for a fee (NIH)

MEDICINE. LIBRARY U.S. National Library of Medicine

MEDICINE. WORK TOOL ConnectMed Daily work tool site (in portuguese) of exclusive access to health area professionals, covering scientific information, services, events. The site opens a channel for direct debate creating a true Internet medical community

MIGRATION Migration Policy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.

NANOTECHNOLOGY. INDUSTRY PROMOTION. ASIA-PACIFIC Asia-Pacific Nanotechnology Forum The Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum forms a strong regional coordination in science and technology development, facilitating rapid information flow between Nanotechnology developers and investors.

NANOTECHNOLOGY. INDUSTRY PROMOTION. EUROPE European NanoBusiness Association Founded in 2002, the European NanoBusiness Association is a Brussels based non profit organization dedicated to promoting a strong and competitive European Nanotechnology industry.


NANOTECHNOLOGY. RESEARCH/BUSINESS INFORMATION NanoXchange Covers materials, electronics,chemicals,biosystems,textiles & microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. Services are free to nanotech & MEMS suppliers

Nanotech-Now Started consulting service called NanoStrategies. The service will provide information & guidance to companies & organizations that want to understand or use nanotechnology

NANOTECHNOLOGY. U.S.A. GOVERNMENT National Nanotechnology Initiative

NEPHROLOGY American Society of Nephrology organized and operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes, including enhancing the field of nephrology by advancing the scientific knowledge and clinical practice of that discipline through stimulation of basic and clinical investigation,

NETHERLANDS. UNIVERSITY. ACADEMIC RESEARCH ARNO Universities in the Netherlands are establishing ARNO (Academic Research in the Netherlands Online) to make their scientific output available electronically. The participants hope to connect their system with the production processes of publishers.

NEUROSCIENCE. U.S.A. Society for NeuroScience The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit membership organization of basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. Neuroscience includes the study of brain development, sensation and perception, learning and memory, movement.

NEUROTHERAPEUTICS American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics goal is to encourage and advance the development of improved therapies for diseases and disorders of the nervous system.

NEW PRODUCT. MARKETING. INFORMATION Productscan Online Site that tracks the launching of new consumer packaged good products on a worldwide basis. VierHile Tom; executive editor

OBESITY Brazilian Association for Obesity Studies Site in portuguese led by multidisciplinary team headed by Halpern Alfredo (Dr.); renowned endocrinologist. Mission is to assemble all knowledge & techniques for obesity treatment & maintenance of healthy weight. Intearactive program to solve this problem

ONCOLOGY (BRAZIL) Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA) Organ of the Ministry of Health with federal mandate to lead a country-wide policy for cancer control in Brazil

ONCOLOGY (PROSTATE CANCER) Prostate Cancer Foundation

ONCOLOGY (U.S.A. - ASCO) American Society of Clinical Oncology As a non-profit organization, ASCO is dedicated to achieving its charitable mission outlined by the organization’s founders in 1964. ASCO strongly supports all types of cancer research, but in particular, patient-oriented clinical research

ONCOLOGY (U.S.A. - FDA) Oncology Tools Site linked to Dept. of Health & Human Services's FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation & Research

ONCOLOGY (U.S.A. - NIH) National Cancer Institute (NCI) Gateway to most recent & accurate cancer information from NCI., linked to NIH

OPHTHALMOLOGY>GLAUCOMA American Glaucoma Society The mission of the American Glaucoma Society is to promote excellence in the care of patients with glaucoma and preserve or enhance vision by supporting glaucoma specialists and scientists through the advancement of education and research.

ORGANIC. CHEMISTRY. SITES Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide Is intended for synthetic organic chemists. This website's mission is to collect & annotate "all useful organic chemistry sites & to present them in an intuitive way". The Literature section contains links to > 75 journals, 14 free databases, patents etc.

ORGANIC. REACTION. FAILED REACTIONS Failed Reactions Aims to help chemists avoid duplication of experiments by informing them of reactions that are already known to fail, thus saving valuable time & expense. Currently, it contains approximately 5,000 reactions, but the number of entries is increasing.

ORGANIC. SYNTHESIS "ORGANIC SYNTHESIS" 77 Annual volumes of "ORGANIC SYNTHESIS" freely available. Website presents detailed experimental methods in standard format for synthesis of organic compds. Highlighted compds are linked to their Chemical Abstracts Registry Numbers.

Methods in Organic Synthesis (MOS) Provides chemists with up-to-date access to recent developments in user-friendly structure-searchable format. MOS contains data abstractedfrom > 100 mainstream organic chemistry journals published worldwide

PAINT. MANUFACTURER ASSOCIATION (BRAZIL) Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Tintas (Abrafati)

PATENT. PRIOR ART PRIORART.ORG Is a new collaboration between Foresight Institute & It aims to ease work of patent examiners by facilitating access to prior art before deciding granting a patent. The site will reduce number of BAD patents that are granted

PERIODIC. TABLE. EDUCATION Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) Clickable on any element for information about its properties, uses, sources, history etc. Site designed to be easy to use by elementary, middle school & high school students

PEYRONIE. Disease Instituto de Andrologia e Urologia Especializada Development of Innovative Disease Correction Technique comprising "BOVINE PERICARDIUM GRAFT" by Egydio Paulo Henrique (Dr.)

PHARMA. ADME/TOXICOLOGY. Predictive ADME/Tox Platform Is integrated suite of computational models for the in silico design, selection, & optimization of novel drug candidates with optimal ADME/Tox (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination, & Toxicological) properties.

PHARMA. DRUG-DRUG INTERACTION Cytochrome P450 Drug Interaction Table Lists drugs that are metabolized by P450 oxygenases as well as some that induce or inhibit the enzymes

PHARMA. EXCIPIENTS Mattson is a library database that contains IR and Raman spectra of the most commonly used excipients in the pharmaceutical industry.

PHARMA. JOURNAL "Molecular Pharmaceutics" Bimonthly journal to focus on molecular & mechanistic research in pharma. & biopharma. fields

PHARMA. KINETICS. GastroPlus Program for Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 that simulates absorption & pharmacokinetics for orally closed drugs. It includes physiological models for human (fasted & fed), rat, mouse, rabbit & cat systems. It generates pH-dependent soly. & log D models.

PHARMA. SOCIETY (U.S.A.) AAPS Pharmaceutica Professional, scientific society of > 10,000 members. Founded in 1986, AAPS aims to advance science, through open exchange of knowledge, serve as information resource & contribute to human health

PHARMACOGENETICS. HUMAN GENOME SNP MAP SNP Consortium Ltd A group called the SNP Consortium - a partnership of pharma. & technology companies, academic research centers, & the Wellcome Trust - is working to publish a high-d. SNP map of human genome. It has public available map of > million SNPs.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES. INFORMATION. U.K. PSIgate Part of free Internet service tun by the U.K. Office for Library & Information Networking & King's College London for the learning, teaching & research communities.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES. INFORMATION. U.S.A. PubScience Free searches of abstracts & citations of articles from > than 1,300 physical science journals; free access to articles for subscribers; others can pay a fee (Dept. of Energy)

POLLUTION PREVENTION PBT Profiler New Web Tool Screens Chemicals For Persistence, Bioaccumulation, & Toxicity

POWDER COATING (BRAZIL) Powder Coating Latin American Association Site in portuguese & spanish citing advantages of use of powder paints, brazilian & international events, listing of member companies, literature information & links to other sites

POWDER COATING (U.S.A.) Powder Coating Institute (PCI) Institute listing Benefits of powder coating for industry & consumers; International events, Publications & materials & Listing of member companies

PREPRINT. SERVERS PrePRINT. Network Gateway to scientific & technical preprint servers (Dept. of Energy)

PROTEIN. STRUCTURE PROMAX Repository for 3-D structures of proteins for which no X-ray crystal structures are available. > 400 protein families - comprise thousands of novel drug-target structures involved in major diseases. The structures produced using ab initio loop algorithms

Protein Data Bank Database of 3-D structural data are being joined by new resources such as the planned Biomedical Informatics Research Network for sharing & mining brain-imaging research data (

Research Notebooks LINUS PAULING Digitized versions of original bound notebooks. 46 notebooks span 1922-1994. 7,500 pages contain laboratory calculations & experimental data & scientific conclusions, ideas for further research & autobiographical musings

RETT. Syndrome Dreamkeeper Describes all research going on about this neuro-degenerative disease that affect little girls & young women & for which there is no cure yet. It encourages to make donations for research funding

RHEOLOGY APPLIED RHEOLOGY VEREIN is a comprehensive journal for the study and characterization of the flow of complex and technologically important materials

SANITARY VIGILANCE Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA) Brazilian government's Health Ministry's Div. responsible for sanitary control of: (1) Blood & hemo-derivates; (2) Cosmetics; (3) Foods; (4) Health prodts & services; (5) Pharmaceutical medicaments; (6) Tobacco derivates; as well as Toxicology

SCIENCE. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE Science The American Association for the Advancement of Science, "Triple A-S" (AAAS), is the world's largest general scientific society, publisher of Science. Founded in 1848: 134,000 members, 272 affiliates serving 10 million members

SCIENCE. ARTICLE. FULL TEXT. Science Direct. Platform for scientific, technical & medical information, offering desktop access to > 1.4 million full-text articles from both Elsevier Science & array of other publishers

SCIENCE. FINANCIAL. PROMOTION National Science Foundation Independent U.S. government agency responsible for promoting science & engineering through programs that invest more than $3.3 billion/year in almost 20,000 research & education projects in science & engineering


SCIENCE. MEDICINE. JOURNAL. ARTICLES HighWire Press Access to scientific & medical articles in > than 250 journals frm multiple publishers, often for free, though some require a waiting period for free access; fee access also available (Stanford University)

SCIENCE. PUBLICATIONS National Academy of Science (U.S.A.)

SCIENCE. TECHNOLOGY. PUBLICATIONS GetInfo Search & order full-text science & technology publications posted by publishers & individual authors, including "gray literature" [FIZ Karlsruhe & TIB Hannover (German Central Special Library for Technology & Science)]

SCIENCE. U.S.A. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT InterAgency Portal A "unified navigation path" to information from scientific & technical projects carried out or sponsored by the U.S. government. Content will be free for all users. The first version of the site will include approximately 1,000 Web-based resources

SCIENTIFIC. TECHNICAL. MEDICAL. JOURNAL. ARTICLES sciBASE Free search of abstracts from > than 30,000 scientific, technical & medical journals; articles can be purchased online, & immediate digital access is available for articles from about 500 journals; participating publishers include Blackwell Science

Wiley InterScience Free search of abstracts from > than 300 scientific, technical, & medical journals published by Wiley; full text free for subscribers

ScienceDirect Provides institutional access to > than 1,300 scientific, technical & medical journals, primarily published by Elsevier; access to full text is free for journal subscribers ore pay-per-view

SCOTLAND. ACADEMIC PERIODICALS SAPIENS Scottish Academic Periodicals: Implementing an Effective Networked Service (SAPIENS) to assess whether to establish a centralized Scottish service to encourage small publishers to make existing & new journals available in electronic form

SOLVENT. SYSTEM. SUGGESTION SolventCentral Offers suggestions based on specific commercial or technical applications. Users have access to optimization software that objectively simulates the performance of > 2 million solvent systems, then generates a manageable number of optimal suggestions.



THESES. DISSERTATIONS Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations Searchable database of electronic copies of theses from students of many institutions (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University & others)

Tourette Syndrome Tourette Syndrome Association TOURETTE SYNDROME

TOXICOLOGY. ToxNet Free Web-based system of searchable databases contg. information on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, & environmental health

TRANSMISSIBLE. SPONGIFORM. ENCEPHALOPATHY. DIAGNOSTICS Commercial Research into Prion Diagnostics Dealler Steve, a consultant medical microbiologist at BURNLEY GENERAL HOSPITAL in the UK, who follows TSE diagnostic development


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. LIBRARY California Digital Library Access to numerous electronic journals, abstracting/indexing databases, & other resources

WOMEN Catalyst NYC-based nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of women in business & the professions. Each year, Catalyst does a census in which it determines the status of women. Copies of Catalyst's studies can be purchased on website

WOMEN. HEALTH National Women Health Information Center NWHIC, a service of the office on Women's Health in U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. NWHIC provides a gateway to U.S. federal women's health information resources