M&A Merger & Acquisition
M-CSF Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor
M2M Machine-To-Machine
MA Maleic Anhydride
MA Meth Acrylate
MAA Marketing Authorization Application (EMEA)
MAA Mycosporine-like Amino Acid
MAb Monoclonal Antibody
MAB Medical Advisory Board
MABA Muscarinic Antagonist & Beta2 receptor Agonist
MAC Molt Accelerating Compd (Caterpillar Insecticide)
MAC Mycobacterium Avium Complex
MACE Major Adverse Cardiac Events
MACH Molt-Accelerating Compound Halofenozide
MACH Molt-Accelerating Compound Halofenozide
MACI Matrix-coupled Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation
MadCAM Mucosal ADressin Cell Adhesion Molecule
MAFA MAst cell Function-associated Antigen
MAG Myelin Associated Glycoprotein
MAHC Malignancy Associated Hypercalcemia Condition
MAI Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare
MAI Macro Azo Initiator
MAK Methyl Amyl Ketone
MAK Monocyte-derived Activated Killer
MAL Me Amino Levulinate
MALDI Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (polysaccharide seq.)
MALDITOF Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time Of Flight
MAN Metropolitan Area Networks
MAN MANagement
MAO Mono Amine Oxidase
MAO Methyl Alumin Oxane
MAOI Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors
MAP Monobasic Ammonium Phosphate
MAP Mitogen Activated Protein
MAP Microtubule Associated Protein
MAP Marketing Automation Platform
MAPC Multipotent Adult Progenitor stem Cells
MAPK Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase
MAPOP Molecule associated with APOPtosis
MART Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T - cells
MAS Magic Angle Spinning (NMR)
MBC Magnesium Binding Capacity
MBC Methyl Benzimidazolyl-Carbamate (biocide)
MBC Methyl Benzylidene Camphor (sunscreen)
MBCC Multiple Basal Cell Carcinoma
MBI Molecular Breast Imaging
MBP Maltose Binding Protein
MBR Micro Bio Reactor
MBS Mono Benzylidene Sorbitol
MBS MMA Butadiene Styrene (TerPolymer)
MBT Mercapto Benzo Thiazole
MC Methyl Cellulose
MCAA Mono Chloro Acetic Acid
MCAF Monocyte Chemotactic & Activating Factor
MCAF Macrophage Chemotactic & Activating Factor
MCC Micro Crystalline Cellulose
MCC Merkel Cell Cancer
MCEB Meta Chloro Ethyl Benzene
MCH Melanin Concentrating Hormone
MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment
MCIT Methyl Chloro Iso Thiazolinone
MCL Myeloid Cell Leukemia
MCL Mantle Cell Lymphoma
MCLG Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (drinking water)
MCP Major Capsid Protein
MCP Methyl Cyclo Propene
MCPA Methyl Chloro Phenoxyacetic Acid (herbicide)
MCPA Multi Carrier Power Amplifier
MCR Multi Component Reactions
mCRC Malignant Colo Rectal Cancer
MCS Molecular Correlation Spectroscopy
MCT Medium Chain Triglyceride
MCU Micro Controller Unit
MDAM Gamma Methylene-10-Deaza Aminopterin (Oncology)
MDC Macrophage Derived Chemokine
MDCK Madin Darby Canine Kidney (influenza infection diagnosis)
MDD Major Depressive Disorder
MDEA Methyl Di Ethanol Amine
MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
MDI Methylene Di(para-phenylene Isocyanate)
MDI Metered Dose Inhaler
MDM Market Dev Manager
MDMA Methylene Dioxy Meth Amphetamine (Ecstasy)
MDP alpha-Methyl-1,3-benzoDioxole-5-Propanal (fragrance)
MDR Multi Drug Resistance
MDS Myelo Dysplastic Syndrome
MDV Marek Disease Virus
Me Methyl
ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
ME Middle East
MEA Membrane Electrode Assemblies
MEA Micro Electrode Array
MEC Micro Emulsion Concentrate
MECM Micro Emulsion Concentrate Matrix
MECP MEthyl Cytosine binding Protein
MED Male Erectile Dysfunction
MEG Magneto Encephalo Graphy
MEG Multiple Exciton Generation
MEK MAPK ERK activating Kinase
MELD Model for End-Stage Liver Disease
MEM Minimal Essential Medium. Biological tissue culturing
MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
MENA Middle East & North Africa
MEOR MIcrobial Enhanced Oil Recovery
MERS Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome
MES 2-(N-Morpholino) Ethane-Sulfonic acid, sodium salt (buffer)
MES Manufacturing Execution Systems
MESNA Mercapto Ethane Sulphonic Natrium Acid
MET Membrane Extraction Technology
MET METastasis
MET Mesenchymal-Epithelial Transition
METAALICUS Mercury Experiment To Assess Atmospheric Loading In Canada & U.S.
MetAP Methionine Aminopeptidase
MF Mycosis Fungoides (Oncology)
MF Micro Filtration
MF Myelo Fibrosis
MFA Methylvinyl ether Fluoro Alkoxylalkane
MFC mixed feed cracker
MFG ManuFacturinG
MFI Melt Flow Index
MFR Manufacturer
MFR Melt Flow Rate
MGDA Methyl Glycine Di Acetic acid
mGluR Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor
MGMT Methyl Guanine-DNA Methyl Transferase (Oncology)
MHC Major Histocompatibility Complex
MHC Methoxy Hydno Carpin (Antibiotic's Synergist)
MHE Mild Hepatic Encephalopathy
MHEC Me Hydroxy Et Cellulose
MHPC Me Hydroxy Pr Cellulose
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)
MHT Me Halide Transferase
MI Myocardial Infarction
MIA Multivariate Index Assay
MIC Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (antibiotics)
MIC Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
MIDA N-Methyl Imino Diacetic Acid
MIF Mitosis Inhibiting Factor
MIGS micro invasive glaucoma surgical
MIP Macrophage Inflammatory Protein
MIS Minimally Invasive Surgery (Orthopaedics>Spine)
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
MIT 2-Methyl-4-Iso Thiazolin-3-one (Biocide)
MIT Minimally Invasive Therapies
MIXT Mixture
MLC Multil Leaf Collimator
MLT Mucoadhesive Liquid Technology
MLV Multi Lamellar Vesicle (liposome)
MM Multiple Myeloma
MMA Microbial Membrane Affecting
MMA Me Meth Acrylate
MMAD Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter
MMAO Modified Methyl Alumin Oxane
MMC Mito Mycin C
MMC Metal Matrix Composites
MMD Mass Median Diameter
MMD Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
MMO Methane Mono Oxygenase
MMP Matrix Metallo Protease
MMP Methyl Mercapto Propanal
MMP Methoxy Methyl Pyrimidine
MMPI Matrix Metallo Proteinase Inhibitors
MMR Mis Match Repair
MMR Metal Mediated Redox
MMR measles, mumps, and rubella
MMS Multimodal Multiplex Spectroscopy
MMT Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl
MNC Multi Nucleated Cells
MNTX Methyl Nal Tre Xone
MoCD Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency
MODC Mouse Ornithine De Carboxylase
MODY Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young
MOF Metal Organic Framework
MoHPA Molybdenum Hetero Poly Acid
MOM Manufacturing Operations Management
MOMP Major Outer Membrane Protein
MOPTMS Methacryl Oxy Propyl Tri Methoxy Silane
MOR Mu-Opioid Receptor
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTN Middle-Of-The-Night
MOTT Mycobacterium Other Than Tuberculosis
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MPAC Metal Protein Attenuating Compound
MPC 2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phospho Choline
MPC Mesenchymal Precursor Cell
MPCH 2-Methylamino-2-Phenyl-Cyclo Hexanone
MPD Meta Phenylene Diamine
MPD Myelo Proliferative Disorders
MPDI 2-Methyl Pentane-1,5-Di Isocyanate
MPEx Membrane Protein Ex pression
MPGN Membrano Proliferative Glomerulo Nephritis
MPI Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
MPL Mono Phosphoryl Lipid
MPM Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
MPN Myelo Proliferative Neoplasms
MPO Myelo Per Oxidase
MPP 1-Methyl-4-Phenyl Pyridinium
MPP Methoxy Propoxy Propanol
MPPCC Midwest Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry Consortium
MPS Macro Phomate Synthase
MPS Muco Poly Saccharidosis
MPS Modular Pedicle Screw (Orthopedics>Spine)
MPSF Morphogenic Protein Stimulatory Factor
MPTP 1-Methyl 4-Phenyl 1,2,3,6-Tetrahydro Pyridine
MPU Microcellular Poly Urethane (elastomer)
MPV meta pneumo virus
MR Magneto Rheological
MR Modified Release (Pharma.)
MR Muscle Relaxant
MR Magnetic Resonance
MR Mineralocorticoid Receptor
MR Mitral Regurgitation (Cardio.)
MRA Magnetic Resonance Angiography
MRC Medical Research Council (UK)
MRC Myelodysplasia Related Changes
MRCNS Methicillin Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci
MRD Minimum Recoating Depth (stereo lithography)
MRD Minimum Residual Disease (Oncology)
MRE Meals Ready to Eat
MRF Magneto Rheological Fluids
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI Magnetic Resonance Image
MRS Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRSA Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
MRTP Modified Risk Tobacco Product
MS Mass Spectrometer
MS Multiple Sclerosis
MS Moisture Scavenger
MSA Methane Sulfonic Acid
MSC Methyl Seleno Cysteine
MSC Mesenchymal Stem Cells
MSD Minimum Solidifiable Depth (stereo lithography)
MSG Mono Sodium L-Glutamate
MSH Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
MSI MicroSatellite Instability
MSI-H MicroSatellite Instability-High (Oncology)
MSKCC Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA)
MSP Methylation Specific PCR (Oncology)
MSQ Methyl Silses Quioxane (Electronics's Low-k Spin-On Dielectrics
MSRV Multiple Sclerosis Recombinant Virus
MSSA Methicillin Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus
MST Modified Seldinger Technique
MSTR Multiple Signal Transduction Regulators
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
MTA 2-Me 3-Trifluoromethyl Aniline
MTA Methyl Thio Adenosine
MTA Metric Tons per Annum
MTA Material Transfer Agreement
MTAP Methyl Thio Adenosine Phosphorylase (Oncology)
MTASE=MTAP Methyl Thio Adenosine phosphoryla SE
MTBE Methyl Tert - Butyl Ether
MTC N-Methoxycarbonyl-O-methyl Thiono Carbamate.
MTC Medullary Thyroid Cancer
mTCR Monoclonal T Cell Receptor
MTD Maximum Tolerated Dose
MTEOS Methyl Tri Eth Oxy Silane
MTHF Methyl Tetra Hydro Furan
MTIT 2-Methyl-4,5-Trimethylene Iso Thiazolin-3-one. (Biocides)
MTM Machine-To-Machine
MTMOS Methyl Tri Meth Oxy Silane
MTOR Mammalian Target Of Rapamycin
MTP Microsomal Triglyceride transfer Protein
MTS Multiple Tumor Suppressor
MTSR Modified Timed, Sustained Release
MTX Metho Tre Xate
MUC Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma
MUFA Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid
MUSE Medicated Urethral System for Erection
MV Mechanical Ventilation
MVA Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara
MVL Multi Vesicular Liposome
MVP Minimal Value Product
MVR Mechanical Vapor Recompression
MVTR Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
MW Molecular Weight
MW Market Wire
MWCI Molecular Wire Crossbar Interconnect
MWCM Molecular Wire Crossbar Memory
MWCN Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube
MWD Molecular Weight Distribution
MX MeXico
MXD Meta Xylene Diamine
MXDA Meta Xylylene Di Amine
MZL Marginal Zone Lymphoma